Saturday, December 13, 2008

Budget Christmas

"We wish you a Marry Christmas and the happy new year...." Yes, festival season is coming again, soon later we will pass over to year 2009.

Santa drunk on my party...

But this year holiday season seem not in good mood since economic crisis attacking the world's markets, because on that, I get a email from the boss said this year office will break the rules, no anymore tradition long break holiday like past year. Gosh! meaning that we have to came back after Christmas and might countdown the new year in the office if the work can't finish before that.

Somehow, office Christmas dinner party still go on this year, because of the economic crisis, the roaster turkey become KFC chicken, red wine become beer. Even everything is cutting down the budget, but at least I still get my bonus to enjoyable my topical Christmas holiday with friends at Singapore...

When Ape meets Bathing Ape

After finish my gym workout, I have a few mission to complete. I am walk across the street drop by Pavilion malls Zara's store for my first mission to checkout some shoes which will be in my shopping list. Pity that the Zara's sale is still not yet started, so I decided hold a while for buying it.

Than I cross the street continues my second mission. Recently, British Pounds exchange to Malaysian Ringgit is falling down, from RM6.40 on January drop until today to RM5.35. Since I have a plan to visit my cousin living at London, I think is a good time to starting exchange some Pounds slowly month by month. After compare the rates at all the currency exchange counters around the malls area, finally get a better rate which RM5.43. I spend about RM271 for a little 50 Pounds...Gosh!

My final mission which I need to clear up my books claims for each month. Kinokuniya Bookstore at KLCC will be the best place to visit. I am spending about an hour researching at the store and found my books, the latest Bathing Ape winter collection 2008 free with a BAPE shoulder sling bag. The books have 30 percent discounts during the promotion, if you are the BAPE fans, don't miss out!

The cover and freebie

Can't read Japanese? Don't worry, the picture tells everything

The shoulder bag folding pack in A4 size

Bag with classic BAPE logo. 100% original... :)

Full view of the bag

The military Ape

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Room, my kingdom

A Books for warm up before into Dreamland

Apple+Louis Vuitton mouse pad= Luxury?

I am loosing 34 years, how much time I have?

Never full or never less?

Cover up or get attention?

The true of mirror is your self

A new items complete my kingdom

I hate you, but sometime love you too...

A drawer full of secrets

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A night at Euphoria

Hunks war begin...

The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia is back. Me and Ms. J get special media invited by New Icon For Him magazine to enjoying the wonderful Sunday night with hottest music, erotic drinks and of course 30 sexy hunks at the city hottest club, Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, Sunway Lagoon Resort.

We been catching by paparazzi

Something I like about Euphoria that the whole dance club is non-smoking area, which never get worries be a "smoking salmon" after few hours enjoying hang out there.

Stage of music

The show begin with question & answer section for hunks, but what a pity is mostly the hunks not really good performing on talking skills. After all, beside showing out their bodies which make them feel proud on the stage, that's nothing can be highlight for it just like those "No Brain" pageant show.

Mostly male guests in the front row...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Karma of life

Recently went out for date watching some movie named as "Coffin", the story is about human being selfish on someone or somethings which lost their moral of life and did it in unfaithful way to get what they want, but the karma of each they being is cycle to their self or someone their love in the life.

I am non-religion guy, but I do believing the karma of life. No matter is in good or bad behavior done to someone, happening on somethings, the wheel of karma will turn it to cycle of uncontrolled rebirth for each being.

After the movie, the stories keep play around my mind. I asking my self did I make something awful which get breaking heart on past relationship? is it a good or bad karma for me? After all, I still have thanks the person I love before emotionally end-up what we had in past six months, I strongly believe it's a good karma for me. Because on that, I totally understand that we are "DIFFERENCE" life style person.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Days go by

Is nearly year-end, I starting my "clearing sales" to clean up some data's in my laptop, cell phone, also my mind...

Those unclosed "hi" friends or even forgotten who am I. Sorry than, you will be out on my MSN list. A goodbye maybe is a good begin get know each other again.

Those inactive person phone numbers. I been wishful that we can chit-chat like what we had last time, but now I should know you already as a stranger for me.

Those person pictures in important folder on my laptop. Thanks for giving me a good memory days that we had together, again, if I can't keep you in my life, will be pointless keeping the pictures.

Those person I been with in past relationships. We are so close like twins, than we break away walk-out each other life like stranger, I know is time you must leave in my mind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quality of life

Since is my new single life, I decided be who am I now. I stopping continues what I did on every weekend in past half years ago. No more hangout around at shopping malls without direction, those activities make my soul feeling empty. No more costly dining every weekend which make me sick about it.

I am a guy love simple life, I do shopping, only have something to buy. I go fancy costly dining, only on some special day for cheer out. Foods for me can be very sample and easy, what I put in my mouth no matter how expensive is, the final results before flushing is still a piece of shit.

Some people thought if wanted be apart of "big city citizen", must make their self living in stylish with those activities I mention and acting look like born in concrete jungle. For them that's call quality of life which will improve the motivation of their career or future financing, means spending more than will find a way to learning more.

What I seem from this group of people, they do have sound like quality of life, but with negative saving in account plus lot of credit card bills. I have difference view on it, living in stylish for me is spending what is needed, not over the learning limit. Quality of life for me is build from mind and soul, not from the foods and clothes.

I born in big city, but I like escape from concrete jungle sometime, away from stress and depression on caught in traffic jams, crowd of shoppers in the malls, falling in nature green and give my self a piece of peaceful mind. For me, that's call quality of life.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back to the gym

I am returning to gym almost more than a month,
trying to find the lost part of my gym life.
Everything is remain the same like past two years.
The place, the gym mate I knew,
great past memory keep refreshing in my mind.

I believe no pain no gain,
what those person judges and said on me,
now is not important for me anymore.
I believe fair of god.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 4

Our bus to Krabi Town

After 3 days living with sun and sea, we decided back to city life with shopping fun before end of the trip. The journey took about 45 minutes from Au Nang Beach to Krabi Town by some local buses.

The main street of Krabi Town

Krabi Town is a small town with few blocks of shops and malls. Basically is not much we can shop, but we still get crazy when saw the "Boots" sale sign on the malls.

Krabi Town's landmark. Apes on traffic light

Which line is yours?

Boots is a famous brand of Nottingham pharmaceutical, health and beauty retailer founded by Jesse Boot in the 19th century. Thailand is the only Asian counties which have the Boots stores and most nearly from the city I live, even Hong Kong is no more longer available since 2007.

Me and the "Sex and the city" ladies like "Alice in Wonderland" fall in the Boots' crazy sales, some of the products even buy one get one free! Then, we discover another super deal. The Swensens's special deal, a cup of ice cream only cost half of our living city price.

Swensens's special deal

We totally tourist look!

After all, again we back to the beach enjoying the rest and relax moments of the day. The ladies choose to be lazy on the bed with TV shows, for me, I continues tanned with my MP3 and books...

I wish is apart of my daily life...

A cozy afternoon

Friday, October 10, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 3

Fun in the rain...

After two sunny hot days, god must be pity us that giving a shower rest of the day, so we can recover from the sun burning. Today we continues our islands hoping for the five islands tour, while we arrive the jetty ready for get in the boat, rain drop starting fall from the sky. Gosh!

The monsoon weather didn't make us stop at the begin point. The boat is on wave sailing with strong wind, splashing sea water on our face, kind a feeling like in the movie of "The Perfect Storm". I make a joke told the "Sex and the city" ladies said that we buy this five islands tour free with" the deep sea water spa".

Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon

Map of Hong Island

We arrive at Hong Island after almost an hour "deep sea water spa". Hong Island is protected under national marine park, is the most beautiful Island in the Andaman Sea. We enter by boat a unique narrow passageway leading to Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon of green and blue waters, surrounded by limestone mountains and mangrove forests. After all, we need to pay entry fees for foot stepping on this national marine park, the park totally white powdering sand, crystal clear sea water which we can see all kind of marine fish without snorkeling.

Pay before stepping in...

Beach of marine park

Buffet of the day

High tea of the day

Lading Island

The tour continues to our next stop Lading Island for lunch and snorkeling along the island. I saw the same lunch boxes like yesterday carries by tour guides out from the boat, than I told Ms J we might having a same food for lunch. While we open up the lunch box....Gosh!, but we still enjoying the bite with amazing view and cooler beers.

Beach lunch box...

...with cooler beer

Monsoon weather still follow us, the rain fall again after hoping at Pakbia Island and Rai Island, this time the strong wind make the wave getting high and unstable. To stop risking our life, we skiping for the last stop at Daeng Island ending up the islands hoping by one more time "deep sea water spa" on the return way to jetty.