Friday, March 28, 2008

Louis Vuitton societies

Do you know Louis Vuitton? No matter from upper, middle or low-income working class societies, I guess most the peoples who's living in the city will said yes.

Louis Vuitton is one of famous leather good maker in upper class societies. Usually they don't get the ready-made or even special edition items from the store, because they like own the only one edition item which custom-made by their luxury living style. Well, Louis Vuitton custom-made is costing many numbers amount, but for the upper class societies, money is not a problem.

So, who will buy the ready-made Louis Vuitton items? Every weekend, Louis Vuitton store is full of the middle class societies shopping with their high limit card. Sometime, you even seem them "fighting" for special edition bags in the store. Yes, the special edition bag cost few months salary or more for low-income societies.

If you name it Louis Vuitton in low-income societies, they might full with question mark. But name it as LV (Louis Vuitton shortened), they will get what you means. You thought they can't afford it for Louis Vuitton bags, than you might wrong. They have their way to own the LV monogram bag only paid 1% of the price from the store, sometime have special edition which not even sale at the store. Those bags is all made-in Thailand, China or Korea. Korea's bags which most high quality made look like real until confuse the consumer markets.

No matter you like or not, Louis Vuitton still become one of the most counterfeited contemporary luxury brand known and everyone wish list in first line.

Monday, March 24, 2008

To my friend E

My good friend E, the friend I worries most.

Somethings unhappy happening on E, tears on face, blooding from heart. The impact is really hurt E a lots...but as a good friend, beside be a listener on the phone, nothing much I can do. The only I can do is praying to god for E, wishing someday E will walk out from the pains.

Recently, we chat in MSN. E told me a good news which I wishful to hear it. E had met someone name O which has some of special feeling on E. Every night O will ring E from another side of the world, trying to knocking the heart of E.

I really hope O and E relationship growing smooth. because that's is the only way make E alive again without the pain.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

After emotion night

Whatever happen on tonight, I really have no idea why this happening and I am don't like this feeling. But, I understand real life never get perfect each day. Everyday we live in full of emotionally between joy and sad on somethings in our life or relationship.

In my past relationship, I always keep silence on my emotions no matter right or wrong happening between us, I thought that is the best way to the relationship. But, I was wrong, the relationship didn't growing as I thought after one an half years.

Because the past, I choose showing my emotions in new relationship. I am not sure its a right way, and also not sure the person I with it will accepted, but I am really hope the person I love and care will understand it...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Care delivery

The clock almost cross to another day.

In the busy on work, BB send me this peking duck sandwich as a early breakfast to gain my weight.

That's make me feel warm in the cold late night, not because the foods, but the care from the heart.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Citizen shopping living

The city is expended everyday, 10 years ago and 10 years now, the change of the city landscape is getting more metropolitan like others big cities.

Beside crazy working cross your whole weekdays, what we will do during the weekend?

I read an survey poll about the citizens life in weekend, their reports said 8 of 10 citizens will put shopping as a part of living.

How about the parks or museum's in the city? the answer is less than twice visit a year. Why citizens like to go malls? because is nowhere better than the mall will full of facilities and cold air-conditions.

During this year, few malls has growing-up on this space-less land. make some citizen get lost control on their cash and cards, specially the "black holes" sales. Of cause, that's included me as well. I am not shopaholic, but still be in one of the millions victims. BB always said: "we are poor, can't afford buy the beautiful item on normal price, that's why we shop crazy on sale". Yeah! you are absolutes right, because BB is one of victim too.

Sometime, I am always find some reasons to spending my cash during the sale, example like: "I am working so hard, now is time to get somethings to balance my soul; yeah! get it to my collections, next time will more easy matching cloths; 70 percent off on super brand, what we waiting for..." Than, my clear mind will disturb by this evil reasons, pull my card to the cashier. happy walk-out with my victory.

P/S: in the middle on writing this blog, BB is on "black holes" sales fighting for victory. You know who am I talking about, yes! is you....:-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


What you do at 9:56am?
In the office non-stop typing your keybroad rushing paper work.
In the dream continues your lazy wonderland.
In the middle of busy traffic and praying the boss not in the office.
In the "mood of love" on the breakfast table.
In the gym work hard keep your self 100% look fit.
In the restaurant having heavy "dim sum" make your self feel like heaven...
...and what I am did on 9.53am?
Looking at the mirror make sure I am look 100% fine.
Took this photo for my blog.
Rushing to go office and praying no work on my desk..:-)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Party Scandal

In our life, we always have difference personalities for all kind the place we work and plays. People look quite didn't means they don't wild sometime...

Such a beautiful life

I was on myway driving home with tired soul.
In the middle waiting for green,
I dicovery a beautiful thing of the day.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fine dinning in Senses

Had be talking so much about this upper-class place. Finally, we are in Senses. One of the fine dining restaurant in the city own by one of the world's hottest top ten chefs.

Well, Fine dining means you are to pay more for your fine foods. Somehow the foods didn't make me surprise, taste is flat and not even can touch my soul. but for what i paid it is really impress!

The most I can't believe, one bottle tasteless water cost more than one family whole month water bill, that night the drinking water we had is cost 4 months water bills.

Beside, the only food make me feeling unforgettable is desserts. That's the most happy I paid for it.