Thursday, March 20, 2008

Citizen shopping living

The city is expended everyday, 10 years ago and 10 years now, the change of the city landscape is getting more metropolitan like others big cities.

Beside crazy working cross your whole weekdays, what we will do during the weekend?

I read an survey poll about the citizens life in weekend, their reports said 8 of 10 citizens will put shopping as a part of living.

How about the parks or museum's in the city? the answer is less than twice visit a year. Why citizens like to go malls? because is nowhere better than the mall will full of facilities and cold air-conditions.

During this year, few malls has growing-up on this space-less land. make some citizen get lost control on their cash and cards, specially the "black holes" sales. Of cause, that's included me as well. I am not shopaholic, but still be in one of the millions victims. BB always said: "we are poor, can't afford buy the beautiful item on normal price, that's why we shop crazy on sale". Yeah! you are absolutes right, because BB is one of victim too.

Sometime, I am always find some reasons to spending my cash during the sale, example like: "I am working so hard, now is time to get somethings to balance my soul; yeah! get it to my collections, next time will more easy matching cloths; 70 percent off on super brand, what we waiting for..." Than, my clear mind will disturb by this evil reasons, pull my card to the cashier. happy walk-out with my victory.

P/S: in the middle on writing this blog, BB is on "black holes" sales fighting for victory. You know who am I talking about, yes! is you....:-)

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