Friday, March 28, 2008

Louis Vuitton societies

Do you know Louis Vuitton? No matter from upper, middle or low-income working class societies, I guess most the peoples who's living in the city will said yes.

Louis Vuitton is one of famous leather good maker in upper class societies. Usually they don't get the ready-made or even special edition items from the store, because they like own the only one edition item which custom-made by their luxury living style. Well, Louis Vuitton custom-made is costing many numbers amount, but for the upper class societies, money is not a problem.

So, who will buy the ready-made Louis Vuitton items? Every weekend, Louis Vuitton store is full of the middle class societies shopping with their high limit card. Sometime, you even seem them "fighting" for special edition bags in the store. Yes, the special edition bag cost few months salary or more for low-income societies.

If you name it Louis Vuitton in low-income societies, they might full with question mark. But name it as LV (Louis Vuitton shortened), they will get what you means. You thought they can't afford it for Louis Vuitton bags, than you might wrong. They have their way to own the LV monogram bag only paid 1% of the price from the store, sometime have special edition which not even sale at the store. Those bags is all made-in Thailand, China or Korea. Korea's bags which most high quality made look like real until confuse the consumer markets.

No matter you like or not, Louis Vuitton still become one of the most counterfeited contemporary luxury brand known and everyone wish list in first line.

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