Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comme des Garcon with H&M Fall/Winter 2008

H&M, an brand with 1,500 stores in 28 different countries and more than 60,000 employees Swedish fashion kingdom. The inexpensive and fashionable clothing, cross collaborated with world's famous fashion designers concept make H&M be one of the most profit fashion house in this industries.

In 2004, Karl Lagerfeld has design an exclusive collection for H&M, the collection been sold out in an hour at the larger cities selected stores. Later on, famous designer's, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and pop queen Madonna has also collaboration with H&M created more and more fashion impacts on the market.

This year fall and winter, Comme des Garcon's will design for H&M. The collections included women, men, a few children's pieces, accessories and an unisex fragrance also which will launch in November at Tokyo to coincide with the opening of H&M's second store there, available internationally a few days after.

Lot people crazy about H&M, of course included me as well. Unfortunately this brand still not available in this city, you might need take a flight go to the most nearby cities Hong Kong or Shanghai to get it. The H&M's said the next new store after Tokyo, possibilities will be in Singapore. Sound look like even more close nearby, but I still hope someday H&M will opening on this city. We have Zara, Pull and Bear, Mango MNG, Topshop and Springfield, why not H&M?

Comme des Garcon Spring/Summer 2008

Comme des Garcon homme Spring/Summer 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 backstage

Invited guests get ready going in for the runway show

Some testing shots of new collection for women

Busy, busy and busy for the show

Always have a testing shoots to make sure makeup done perfectly

Get ready for the last step before getting start

Beautiful pieces everyone wanted

Last call, everyone get ready...

The perfect match for this spring and summer

Check out the new spring and summer collection for man...

Who say handsome guy don't need makeup...?

Woow...Can I have one too...

A final matching shot to make easy for the models know what they wearing

Have a bite before start work

Makeup artist is the one make you look perfect

Ready go to the show

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fancy afternoon at Celadon Thai Cuisine

Is pay day, we decide having an fancy lunch at the Pavilion Mall after tired shop around and trying the luxury cloths at the 'MO outlet' brands outlet stores.

We walk up to the level 6 arrive at Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine with warm Thais welcome. The elegant interior space is modern urban chic and stylish with a Philip Stark-inspired around the place, number of design sofas and Philip Stark's ghost chairs here and there. White linen on the dining tables with designer mood light and Celadon tableware adding a Thai essence to the dining experience.

If you plan to having a private dining or just get-together, Celadon have three VIP room let you make reservation. Each VIP room is 'private' by glass partition walls which giving an interesting mix of classical and modern forms in harmony.

A beautiful place with warm service only that can meaning as fine dining. Celadon never disappointed me, perhaps, I was so impress the taste and presentation of dishes, is more than the foods, is art of living in the modern urban.

Location: Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine. Lot 6.37, Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Price: Fine Thai cuisine with comfortable price.
For reservation please call: 03-2148 8708

Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Sexually implicit' Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2008

When I sew the pictures, what in my mind is: Oh my god! After the full nude male on Yves Saint Laurent M7 perfume advertisement, this time Tom Ford has extremely breaking the limit of advertising aimed at the general public. On his Spring and Summer 2008 ad campaign is totally exposing the human body with sexually emotions.

The advertisement is viewable on his website — with the warning “Sexually Explicit Images tagging on it. In the series of the pictures showing a naked woman clutching the crotch of a man in a suit, nude male and women on the sun tan, love couple sex on the park with guys watching on, naked woman ironing whilst man drinks champagne and clutches a cigar...

Last week, Italy has banned Tom Ford sunglasses advertisement which showing a woman’s wears Tom Ford sunglasses with her red lips biting a man’s finger was entering her mouth. The advertisement is already published in three Italian’s womens’ magazines, has been ruled out of order by the Italian Advertising Institute (IAA), which called it ’sexually implicit’.

The IAA’s ruling said: "the image was deeply vulgar and went beyond bad taste to actually offend the public’s sensibility. It deplored the ’explicit and provocative character’ of the image which goes beyond acceptable limits for advertising aimed at the general public."

If the European countries has banned the advertisement, I think Tom Ford's extremely ’sexually implicit’ advertisement will get banned in Asian country's as well, that might be a big lost for the image of branding.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello Korean cuisine

I been tasting some Korean cuisine for few times, somehow each time the foods resulting in too spicy or too salty taste which I not really enjoy it. After that, Korean foods always not on my meal list.

Recently, friends of mine has keep talking so much about this new opening Korean cuisine, Che Go Korean Restaurant that he found at the mall, and keep recommended me have a visit. Base in truth on him, I decided take a risk having my dinner at this restaurant and discover the taste of Korean foods.

While I arrive in the restaurant, the decoration of the tables is really impress me. The low table is in Koreans traditional mix with Japanese culture kind of design, with metal plate over charcoal in the centre of the table. The visitor have to remove their shoes and seated on cushions with their legs crossed in a modified lotus position or optional put the foot down at deep leg space below the table.

After sitting down, is time to take a risk on my dinner. I looking it at the menu for some time, Finally, I decided choose (Dakgalbi), chicken grilled with garlic and onions on a metal plate over charcoal, than dipped in ssamjjang and wrapped in lettuce leaves. It is often called "Korean BBQ" as my main course. With rice, vegetables and of course (Kimchi), vegetables fermented in a brine of ginger, garlic, green onion and chilli pepper as my side dishes.

A while later, the foods is arrive. Damn! I starting panic how to use the metal plate over charcoal grilling my chicken. Thank god the waiter helping for the continues after i am mess up the step, is fun to watching the process on the Korean style cooking in front of the seat. But I still can't remember the step anyway, because I really bad on cooking...

Finally, I have my first bite for my BBQ chicken. Humm! the taste is really surprise me, meat still juicy after grilled in high temperature, side dishes taste not bad as previous cuisine I had. The most impress is the bill, two persons full dishes is only cost in a friendly amounts! Che Go Korean Restaurant is located at OB3.LG2.2 Sunway Pyramid. Business hour: 10am to 10pm

Friday, April 25, 2008

Marc Jacobs in gossip


...And after

The face of a $5 billion business, after years of hiding in baggy sweatshirts with his big bold frame glasses, Marc Jacobs is extremity change on his new look at 45, an blue crop, with honking diamond studs, a gallery of tattoos on bodies. Some people say his in midlife crisis, but he not agree on it. "I don't feel like I'm in crisis, and I don't know that it's the middle of my life," Jacobs says, "Why is there this division all of a sudden between people in support of me and people against me? How did this happen? I haven't done anything to anybody! I look at Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano—everybody has shtick style. And just because this wasn't my shtick two years ago, it's a problem."

Over the past year, Marc Jacobs has been highlights by some of the media, not on his design with luxury-goods house Louis Vuitton or his own brands, but on his rehab for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse; his extremity change for new looks; mess relationship with porn star Erik Rhodes crowing online about threesomes, his former-escort boyfriend Jason Preston and new mysteriously lover Austin A and ; allegations that his line paid bribes for use of New York's 26th Street Armory for his shows; then starting those shows at two hours late, turning the normally adoring fashion media into a pitchfork-wielding mob.

But, why his personal life details keep 'focusing' by the media? because he is Marc Jacobs, which the hottest, the most important person in titan fashion industry of Louis Vuitton.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hear from Tom Ford

In 2004, Tom Ford leaving Gucci and the fashion world. lots of Tom Ford's fans feel lost for it. That year, the last season of his design for Gucci is totally be 'must collected' for the fans and fashion lover. We all thought he would come back to fashion again, few years later, news of him coming back keep surrounding in the fashion world. First, his brand sun glasses is out on the market, than this year, first Tom Ford store is opened in Osaka with Lane Crawford on February 1. That's not end yet, the follow 17 stores will located around the world's fashion cities together with five-floor flagship store in Milan will opening on the coming June.

Recently, he interview by the Prestige Hong Kong talk about his new brand, life and relationship with his life partner Richard, also expose some of pictures about his personal life took by his favour photographer Jeff Burton. Here is some interesting part of the interview:

This is a very intimate set of photographs that your photographer Jeff Burton created for us. It’s so Tom Ford, don’t you think?
Yes, these are some of my favourite pictures. I love them because Jeff is someone who I’m very comfortable with. I actually don’t like having pictures taken of myself.

How do you keep yourself looking so great. It must take a lot of effort?
It does, but I don’t put in the effort in a gym. For example, I’ve been skiing recently in Aspen. I ski a lot, I ride, I play tennis at least three times a week. I do Pilates, I do yoga. I’m a physically active person. I weigh myself on a scale every day, every morning at the same time. If I gain more than two or three pounds, like I have right now, I’m going to eat vegetables tonight.

That’s a very precise approach to diet.
Yes, seriously. But I still live. I don’t ever cut out vodka and tonics. My trick is that if I eat vegetables at night three or four days in a row, I quickly snap back to my ideal weight and I just am very conscious of it. I always have been.

It obviously works.
That’s just the way I am, I guess. But I can’t say I stand in front of the mirror and criticise and think, “Shit, my stomach’s looking floppier, my butt’s starting to sag or, you know, what am I going to do about” . . . and I’m not crazy about it. I realise I’m getting older. We’re all getting older. I don’t mind getting wrinkles. I don’t mind looking my age, but I just want to look the best version of my age and feel good, too. And . . . I like clothes . . . so when I put on a suit I want to feel like I look good, you know? Why spend all that energy, time, effort and money buying beautiful clothes if you’re not going to keep your body in the best shape it can be in.

I’ve heard that you’re a hygiene fanatic who takes baths three times a day.
I take baths, yes, but it’s really nothing to do with hygiene. Sometimes at my ranch, I won’t bathe for three or four days. I take baths because when I’m in the city and working, I find it relaxing when I get up in the morning and need to wake up slowly. I’m not a great morning person, so I lie in a hot bathtub and just kind of come to life. Then I take a bath before I go out to dinner, as I’m exhausted by the day and I feel like I need to lie in that bathtub, so I can put on a crisp shirt and go out to dinner and then when I come home I want to lie in the bath and wash all the cigarette smoke off myself from wherever I’ve just been . . . and just relax enough so I can go to sleep . . . because I don’t sleep very well. So it isn’t a cleanliness thing. In fact, I think Americans are often too clean. And sometimes I don’t use soap when I take these baths. The goal isn’t to soap myself up and scrub everything off. It’s just to sort of lie in the hot water. It’s relaxation.

You’ve been with your partner, Richard, a long time, and recently on the Internet there’s been talk about how you said you wanted to have a son. How hard or easy will that be?
That story seems to have jumped all over the Internet in the last few days. And it was just that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a son or daughter. I’ve always wanted to have a child and I’m getting to the age where if I’m going to do that, I’m going to need to do it soon. It is something I’m thinking about, but I can tell you I have not taken any formal steps. I do not have a child in the works [laughs]. If I’m going to do it, then it must be in the next couple of years because I’d like to still be able to pick the child up without pulling my back out. It may be one of the last things in my life that I haven’t . . . well, there are a lot of things I haven’t accomplished, but that’s certainly a major one.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Office scandal

Guess what happening in this pictures...?

...Murder someone in accident at lunch time during sliding apple? Office building too famous until get attack by terrorism suspect? Robbing company account department because pay too litter? No no no, you are too fantasy and thinking too much. its just a funny captures from one of the photos shoot project in my office...

I have apologize to my friend in the pictures, sorry for expose the pictures make him famous.. : )

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sex with Dsquared²

Dsquared² is a fashion label created by two Canadian brothers, Dean and Dan Caten. They are known as a luxury mix & match with street-wears created a strong of wild sexy style In their collections. Dsquared² have been worn by celebrities, 'sexual' pop queen Madonna is one of the most love their design. In 2000 & 2001, Dsquared² designed over 150 pieces for Madonna's her World Tour in 2001 and "Don't Tell Me 2000" music video. The brothers shows where the themes had been in their runway as equestrian England and the foxhunt, homelessness, a men's locker room, the wild west. In fact, Dsquared² ad campaign is even more fantasy and strong of sexual message...