Thursday, April 17, 2008

Be creative like drinks vending machine?

Some people always have a misunderstood for people like me who do design for living. They thought designer brain is always be 'creative function' all the time, just like a drinks vending machine, push the button than get what it you needed.

I really hate some people I am work with it sometime. No matter how many time I explain and told them "I need more time to be more creative on the work", by end of the day, they only give me few hours to finish number of works.

During the rush hour in the middle input some idea on work, if they seem don't like the design, they will said: "can you be more creative....." Excuse me, how suppose I can be 'more creative' which even not enough time to finish the works?

Is that means writer need more time that designer do to work or designer just like the cheap drinks vending machine, push the button get what you need in anytime?


Tenzin Dorsem said...

eqWah, great I agree with your opinion, this people think they are so "OPT" so they always said about style, fashion, design,...Hello do they know what is "kern", Typo, layout or even simple one "DESIGN"..... And what they think we are is just like a bladdy slave machine. This people don't have respect for design and they think they are so beauty,and glamour with theirs FF .........FLY A KITE! I will make a critic on my blog and also to..hehee..

jamy said...

duoble agree. pls put up the person picture that critic ur