Thursday, April 10, 2008

Food of generations

Finally, I am visit this old cultural heritage town again. the last visit is three years ago.

The reason I visit this old town because the delicious foods and colonization heritage streets. But, I am feel cultural shock. This full of mixture traditions and cultural old town is completely change make it like others tourist cities. Unfortunately, the change didn't make the old town look better, but growing up some typical city buildings in the middle of this old town. Largest shopping mall just opposite of the Portuguese fortress gate, revolving tower on heritage streets...

However, I am glad that the taste of foods by generations is still keep it well like last time. On arrival, I had famous Nyonya Laksa as lunch at one of the Nyonya-Baba heritage street. A home-made ice cream and Tutti Fruiti for my afternoon tea break at the 60s retro dessert shop. A delicious street food Popiah as my starter for dinner. Main course, Satay Celup full of new experience for my first time in the lovely rainy night...

Since I am in a place full of nice foods, of course I can't waste my opportunity to taste, I had one of the special food on this heritage street. The famous chicken rice ball as my breakfast with fabulous home-taste soup before back to the place I am live.

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