Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Friday, 8.00 am. She totally walk out from door of my life without say a word or goodbye. Before that, I am told myself someday she might leaving us, but I didn't expected so sudden...

My brain is empty and frozen in second, tears fall a river. Her shocking death just broke the heart of everyone she loved. I close my eye wish time back to the past, phone never ring, she still alive. But than, things never change after open my eye, she is gone like a light blown off in the wind, left everyone she loved live in darkness.

God give her a life, but not in good life. She been live in difficult as a single mother of four children and working hard for family, by the time she retired starting enjoying the life, god took her away from us.

Is it fair for her and everyone she loved? I don't know. I believe god took her for some reason. Even she no longer with us anymore, but no one will forget her, we all love her and she will always alive in our heart. Goodbye my dear auntie.

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