Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello Korean cuisine

I been tasting some Korean cuisine for few times, somehow each time the foods resulting in too spicy or too salty taste which I not really enjoy it. After that, Korean foods always not on my meal list.

Recently, friends of mine has keep talking so much about this new opening Korean cuisine, Che Go Korean Restaurant that he found at the mall, and keep recommended me have a visit. Base in truth on him, I decided take a risk having my dinner at this restaurant and discover the taste of Korean foods.

While I arrive in the restaurant, the decoration of the tables is really impress me. The low table is in Koreans traditional mix with Japanese culture kind of design, with metal plate over charcoal in the centre of the table. The visitor have to remove their shoes and seated on cushions with their legs crossed in a modified lotus position or optional put the foot down at deep leg space below the table.

After sitting down, is time to take a risk on my dinner. I looking it at the menu for some time, Finally, I decided choose (Dakgalbi), chicken grilled with garlic and onions on a metal plate over charcoal, than dipped in ssamjjang and wrapped in lettuce leaves. It is often called "Korean BBQ" as my main course. With rice, vegetables and of course (Kimchi), vegetables fermented in a brine of ginger, garlic, green onion and chilli pepper as my side dishes.

A while later, the foods is arrive. Damn! I starting panic how to use the metal plate over charcoal grilling my chicken. Thank god the waiter helping for the continues after i am mess up the step, is fun to watching the process on the Korean style cooking in front of the seat. But I still can't remember the step anyway, because I really bad on cooking...

Finally, I have my first bite for my BBQ chicken. Humm! the taste is really surprise me, meat still juicy after grilled in high temperature, side dishes taste not bad as previous cuisine I had. The most impress is the bill, two persons full dishes is only cost in a friendly amounts! Che Go Korean Restaurant is located at OB3.LG2.2 Sunway Pyramid. Business hour: 10am to 10pm

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