Monday, April 21, 2008

love this city more

Citizens always find some reason escape city for while, example like: find fresh air, find new ideas, find mind peace, find expression and more reasons played on their mind, but have you think about why you living in this city? it's must have some reasons why you here.

Born in city. You have no choice, because your daddy and mommy love city life.

Study in city. You have no choice too, because most the international campus love to be in city.

Work in city. You have no choice again, because more opportunely working in big name company's.

Marry in city. You have no choice again and again, because your love one is born here.

Live in city. You have no more choice, because your whole family, job and love is here.

While you feel upset about no another choose to living here, didn't means that it's no any good points to live in this city. Living in city, you never have problem on leisure to spending free time. time always not enough for clubbing, movie, ktv, art performances, live concert, spa and more...

You never have get death in hungry but die in full. In the city, foods shop and restaurant is everywhere in the corner you live, wanted have romance dinner, french gourmet or italian cuisine is your right place. Or wake-up in the mid-night feel wanted have a bite, just call 24 hours fast food delivery.

You never get bored in shopping. Big mall is keep opening in the city, luxury boutiques from A to Z all under one roof. The season sales almost full on the calender, warehouse sales is even make you shop in crazy!

You never have problem to travelling or move around. The airport just away an hour from city, everyone can fly easy from home. if you move by driving, tollway is crossing mad in the city, you will get smooth journey as you pay the toll. Beside that, buses service is conveniens for everyone from north to south, east cross west, Taxi service is everywhere on the street as you call the numbers or show up the hand.

So, be more happy living in this city...

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