Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moral life

Some people believe a moral life must have religion apart, and they always thought people with non-religion most is living in mess.

I am believe god, just not into any religion codified as prayer, but my life is 'almost' moral as I thought.

I don't get drunk all the time, but I do drinks sometime for social life and party fever.

I don't always lie, but I do lie for some good reason like: "you look fabulous" for a bad fashion person with not hurt someone feeling.

I don't sex like sex bump, but I do have sex fantasy on my head when in dreams on my bed.

I don't say bad words, but I do "bitch" someone which find doubles on me.

I don't play dirty. but I do use litter dirty way sometime for 'special' reason.

I don't envious someone, but I do jealous person who's have brain and talents.

I don't avarice, but I do wishful someone generous on me.

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