Friday, April 18, 2008

My pity Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008

As a fans of Louis Vuitton. Yes, please don't tagging me as rich guy, what I means "fans of Louis Vuitton" is a supporter which carries the Louis Vuitton's 'print ad' in magazines and 'window' shopping at their shops. I am still not really can afford to own it the high fashion luxurious item yet, but I hope someday will own it one.

What I can say about creations by US designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2008? Chip and colourful? Or I suppose say cheap and ugly?

I have to say sorry to Louis Vuitton. If I can afford to own one, definitely will not choose this season design item, because to me Louis Vuitton is full of classic and elegant. I will not carry a scary contrast colours bag which cost more than US1200 but look like US120.

Meanwhile, If I not mistaken, Louis Vuitton has come out graffiti collection on the bags in Spring/Summer 2001 designed by Stephen Sprouse in collaboration with Takashi Murakami. When the collections came out is "shock" the fashion fans and the supporters of Louis Vuitton.

My point is sample, just walk in to their shops, check out what collections they carry on the display. Do you see any graffiti collection on the main display bags bar? The answer is no, but you can found the famous classic designs collection is always available on the display for many years.

Please don't tell me that ugly graffiti collection is too hot until unavailable, smart Louis Vuitton don't easily waste their opportunities to get fortune from your wallet.


Daniel Henry said...

the graffiti bags are not on display yet. but they are already in the office. i've played with them already. :P

the rich will follow the trend, as it's a way to signify their power and status.

while others will eventually crave and led in.

calgraden said...

I thought the graffiti bags is 2001 season collection?....:)

Daniel Henry said...

this is another version. and they are usually limited for malaysia.

this season has various messages and meaning. and yes it's... ugly. HAHAHA. but no less the print and texture is really cool.


calgraden said...

I guess I get what you means. I sew the design online, somehow is better that 2001 graffiti collection even still...ugly! :)

By the way, from the words you wrote, are you work in Louis Vuitton?