Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Sexually implicit' Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2008

When I sew the pictures, what in my mind is: Oh my god! After the full nude male on Yves Saint Laurent M7 perfume advertisement, this time Tom Ford has extremely breaking the limit of advertising aimed at the general public. On his Spring and Summer 2008 ad campaign is totally exposing the human body with sexually emotions.

The advertisement is viewable on his website — with the warning “Sexually Explicit Images tagging on it. In the series of the pictures showing a naked woman clutching the crotch of a man in a suit, nude male and women on the sun tan, love couple sex on the park with guys watching on, naked woman ironing whilst man drinks champagne and clutches a cigar...

Last week, Italy has banned Tom Ford sunglasses advertisement which showing a woman’s wears Tom Ford sunglasses with her red lips biting a man’s finger was entering her mouth. The advertisement is already published in three Italian’s womens’ magazines, has been ruled out of order by the Italian Advertising Institute (IAA), which called it ’sexually implicit’.

The IAA’s ruling said: "the image was deeply vulgar and went beyond bad taste to actually offend the public’s sensibility. It deplored the ’explicit and provocative character’ of the image which goes beyond acceptable limits for advertising aimed at the general public."

If the European countries has banned the advertisement, I think Tom Ford's extremely ’sexually implicit’ advertisement will get banned in Asian country's as well, that might be a big lost for the image of branding.

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Danja said...

If the implicit images shocked you already, maybe you should not check out the not so implicit ones here. I know Tom Ford does this all the time and with every campaign he tries to push the boundries a little more. But so far I pretty much liked it.