Saturday, May 31, 2008

Afternoon tea at Gucci Cafe

Last time if you wanted having pancake with Gucci logo for afternoon tea, people might thought you out of your mind. But now the impossible became possible.

Gucci has bring luxury style from fashion to the foods. They have Gucci Cafe in Ginza Tokyo which features luxury foods that match the image of Gucci's brand and also sells a Gucci signature pancake price tag at RM46.50 (USD14.50)...Godness!

Of course, if you just order a cup Gucci signature Massimo coffee plus pancake, would be cost more than RM72 (USD22.50) on bill for the luxury afternoon tea.

This could be another idea for "poor Gucci fans" like me which be fashionable in a different ways without spending big cash.

Gucci Cafe front entry

Elegant space make you feel more stylish and fashionable

God! Gucci's signature leather which I am wishful to own it

Gucci signature pencake

Massimo coffee kind of small cup, but is plus with.....

.....Gucci signature chocolate and plain water!!!


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