Monday, May 26, 2008

BBQ Chicken in Korean style

Since the last visit for friend shop opening, this is my second time drop by at Niu Ze Xui (NZX), the largest covered boulevard in city. On the first visit, the place still not really occupy, but this time, NZX is getting more happening on foods.

During shop around, we found this shop named "BBQ Chicken" with slogan "Korea's No. 1 chicken restaurant", sound interesting to try on the foods.

BBQ Chicken is international franchise in 37 countries, 3500 locations, the main point on the foods is extra healthy which cooking by uses 100% extra virgin olive oil. Well, means that we have to pay "extra" for that, 2 pics of deep fried chicken with mashed potato and salad price in RM12.50, much higher than "KFC", of course eat more healthy.

We wanted even more healthy for our lunch, so we make a order on their BBQ & Ginseng set which call "Jerk BBQ Chicken" and "Ginseng Smoked Chicken". Because is "slow cook food", we have to wait for 15 minutes to get serve the foods even is just us in the shop.

The jerk BBQ chicken is taste a bit strong of Korean style barbecue sauce, giving it a little tinge of spiciness, is a good choice eating with the rice. But the combining taste of ginseng smoked chicken is difference from the jerk BBQ, is more lighter with a bit bitter taste of ginseng. Out of 10, I will give 7 on foods.

Jerk BBQ Chicken

Ginseng Smoked Chicken

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