Thursday, May 1, 2008

David & Victoria Beckham stripped nude for designers

How you feel if your wife or husband post nude or stripped off for get famous and more money?

Football star David Beckham, during his trip to Brazil showed his wife remains close to his heart by wearing an new charity T-shirt by Marc Jacobs creation, which Victoria posed nude for a campaign to highlight the dangers of skin cancer.

On last year, Victoria Beckham has been confirmed as the star of Marc Jacobs's Spring-Summer 2008 Ad Campaign. That's is a perfect opportunity for her get exposed on media, to expended her 'Victoria kingdom' in US.

Perhaps, David Beckham seems have a same way to 'kit off' his self by stripped for controversial Armani underwear campaign. Will Victoria going show her heart by wearing Armani mans underwear on the media? I think that will be very funny if she really did it....

I don't want to question Mr. Beckham's manhood, but let's be honest -- the picture seem been 'makeover' by photo editors, special on his bottom part, and it looks like he shoved a tennis ball down there. I mean, seriously, Its is too over huge from the normal size...

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