Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fashion funfair

The world of fashion designer, not just design clothes. Is also involved the image of the fashion house and the creation of runway stage for fashion show.

Cloths is apart of the runway show, but the most important for the show is the concept of the runway stage. because that's is the first place put on the new collection before sell on the store. The stage atmosphere will bring up the style of the brand too.

The fashion show always a step faster than season, while begin summer, the show already for fall and winter. That's the way for fashion business.

This year Fall/Winter show, designers again has show it their creative idea for the runway stage during the fashion show.

Number of the shows, I am personally like YSL very much. White fabric was stretched taut between the floor and the domed ceiling of the Grand Palais, creating an intimate tented environment within the cavernous space.

Chanel is my favour too. Karl Lagerfeld's merry-go-round for Chanel under the domes of the Grand Palais, swapped the horses for handbags, camellias, tweed jackets and other Chanel icons bring me back to childhood time.

Alexander McQueen called his show 'The girl who lived in a tree'. The set was inspired by environmental artist Christo. Is very outstanding show.

John Galliano working with set designer Michael Howells and producer Bureau Betak, John Galliano created a film set that saw him directing his first Galliano Films production based on the poem 'Kubla Khan' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge - gold, fountains, flowers and fruit were plentiful.

Roberto Cavalli imput his creation on the runway. The curtains of the Opera Garnier were reproduced on the walls of the tent, giving the atmosphere at the show a dream-like quality.

Frida Giannini commissioned a specially designed wall-to-wall carpet for Gucci's show venue. The bronze mirror backdrop was finished with a black griffin Gucci crest, while guests sat on benches covered in black velvet.

Gianni Versace has put the show on a spectactular oval runway was constructed within the Versace Teatro, the brand's dedicated show space designed by Rocco Magnoli of Studio Spatium, featuring a 360 degree cinema screen that projected images from counter-culture photo-collagist Tim Roeloffs, who also collaborated with Donatella Versace on a series of dresses.

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