Friday, May 2, 2008

I dating with Zara Warehouse Sale

9.00am. I woke-up early for my mission of the day that I mark it on my calender a day before. 'The Zara Warehouse Sale' which having first time in this city.

10.55am. I thought maybe we will be first 200 persons arrive at the sale, because today is holiday, people live in the city might over-hang on Wednesday 'ladies night'. By the time we walk-in the ballroom for the sale, goodness! I get shocking what happening in front of my eye. More than 500 Zara fans already fighting in 'shopping war' for their victory, cloths is here and there mess on rail or even on floor as well.

11.20am. Me and my friends still 'hurting' the leftover cloths on the rail. Unfortunately, that not much choose on sizes for small and medium size body.

11.40am. After round and round on the rails, finally I found my 'victims' which left on the corner, two pieces of Zara long sleeve shirts cost RM400 (USD127), but I paid RM120 which 70% off discounts I never get before for Zara cloths during the store sale.

11.50am. We plan leaving the "war", but the hard time is come again. Its is long line up from cashier counter until end to the corner, more than 100 people in front of my line...damn!

1.30pm. After almost two hours on line up, we get off from the 'war', save home with our with our victory. Thank god!

Cheap sale!

Leftover cloths...

This mine, that's mine too...
Who say fashion model don't go to cheap sale?

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