Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letter to the Queen

To my Queen,
Your highness. I know you been so hard act be like Queen Anna Wintour, but please think deep what you play on your mind, you just one of the queen in the million sitting on the kingdoms chair. It is a difference between you and Queen Anna Wintour that she rules the world of fashion, but fashions control you, its you what have in your kingdom now.

While peoples work with Queen Anna Wintour hate it so much on her, with her smart brain, she still strong sitting on top of fashion world. People still agree on her professional view on design and fashion senses. If you wanted act like Queen Anna Wintour, please showing your professional way on it. Sometime, diamond is expensive and in high level of the list, but not really perfect matching to all the things.

I wishful that you optionally listen my bitching and be professional next time.

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