Wednesday, May 28, 2008

man underwear evolution

Now day living in "sex in the city" life, not only women will get worry about less attraction because body not in the perfect shape, but some of my metrosexual male friends has comments said sometime they worries like what womens do.

Because on that, women have "magic bra" to fixing the "losing part" of bodies, but for man didn't mean is none for them. Recently market has come out horrific men's underwear with Flashback Butt-Lifting and Contouring Technology design by Andrew Christian, which can fixing man's "losing part".

Thanks for Ricky Matin, women now who's live in "sex and the city" know what to focus on part of men bodies like what man did on women. That's why man need put something on the butt to look more "bubble".


ccc said...

Wow, I din know that!

calgraden said...

Haha! now you knew it...but unable find in malaysia...haha