Saturday, May 24, 2008

Move out, move in

Been talking so much about relocated our office. Finally, we are moving out from the old building with horrible limited car park space. This is my second time moving since working in this company, the first move which is 13 months ago.

Last night at the old office

Now, my new office is located in some new concept office building with huge covered car park, means that I have no worries for park my car like last time. One thing really surprise me that we have swimming pool with jacuzzi attached on top of our office, plus the sauna and steam room facilities. But I still feel not comfortable to use it, specially stripped with "some people" from office in sauna or steam room.

New office with nice night view... the "private pool" on the top of office

Anythings that I will miss for the old office place? Yes, I do miss the dirty street foods and cheap, yummy foods in Old Town, miss the distance from my place to old office too, because now I need pay more for the foods and gas... God save! hope my boss will understand and take action for something.

My first lunch at the new office. Sigh! no more comfortable price...

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