Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pasta pasta (season two)

Pork ham tomato pizza

Scallop & asparagus pasta

Tiramisu ice cream

With the 100% RETURN voucher, once again we arrive PASTA de GOHAN for second time. The restaurant still full house not available for walk-in, but we able get the table in 5 minutes.

This time, we wanted to trying some difference food from the last visit, so we decided order "pork ham tomato pizza" for started, "scallop & asparagus pasta" and "oyster and bacon carbonara" with special wafu sauce for main course, ending with "tiramisu ice cream" for dessert.

The foods make both of us enjoy it the delicious moments, but the "pork ham tomato pizza" still not our favorite. PASTA de GOHAN, will be one of paste place in our list.

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