Monday, May 12, 2008

Steven Klein king of fashion photography

Steven Klein sexually creation make Dolce & Gabbana stripped off

Steven Klein, 38. A boyishly shaggy haircut, slight build, and unremarkable clothing (jeans and T-shirts, usually). But he is the fashion world’s current superstar photographer, which favorite by the fashion magazine and designers. Even celebrities superstar like Brad Pitt, Madonna, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Ethan Hawke, Naomi Campbell, and others has been in front on his camera.

If Bruce Weber’s hard-bodied, shiny, happy Abercrombie boys and girls set the tone for sexually charged fashion photography for much of the 90s, then Steven Klein’s is often sexual in homosexual and sadomasochistic for the fashion photography in new century.

Klein shots for lots of big name magazines such like V mag, Vogue, GQ, Arena Homme, W mag. Fashion's queen editor Anna Wintour said: "you give him a dress, and Klein will give you a girl in a dress with a robot in a garden. It’s clever, conceptual, and ultimately lyrical.”

Tom Ford nude for W magazine

In 2005. Klein make fashion designer stripped off for his creative which what usually designer does for models. Tom Ford for W Mag, than Dolce & Gabbana a year after. The Klein's sexually creation make designers and celebrities crazy about it, stripped off the cloths is not big problem for them anymore, because everyone wanted be look sexy in front of the camera.

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