Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"exclusive" experience

Last weekend, I get offer an VIP pass from the "exclusive" fitness center after a "long talk". Yes, is really long talk, took almost 2 hours to get a litter two weeks pass.

The "fitness counselor " keep asking me to sign-up the membership and totally forgot what she offer me on the phone, until I remind her that I came for the VIP pass. I told her I need to try on the service before become membership, but she keep "error" me and continues promoted their membership. Gosh!

She keep talking until I really can't stand anymore, so I told her: "listen honey, I am not came to begged you giving me the free VIP pass, you are the person call me first. with the pass, If I satisfied the service I will consider the membership, if not you will never see me again after the first visit." After that, she stopping talking and issue me the free VIP pass.

When she past me the VIP pass, the last words she told me: "our club members is very exclusive", I do believe her until my first visit.

I went to sauna and steam room to relaxing my muscle after finish weight training, than I find out all the "exclusive" members walk-in the steam room with their underwear without shower, some people even bring drinks along. Goodness! It is really gross that steamed with urine stain underwear in the high temperature.

With my two years "gym life" I never thought almost everyone there don't know the user rules of the sauna and steam room. After this "exclusive" experience, I think might not feel confident joining this "exclusive family"as a membership...

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