Sunday, June 1, 2008

I "hate" Sales

Weekend again, the sales is going on at some brand stores in the city, first Burberry, than Salvatore Farragamo, Coach and more...Gosh!

Before I step in the mall, in my shopping list, I suppose get a nice birthday gift for someone "special" on next month. Because the words "Sale up to 50%" on the display window, I am get attracted walk-in to the Burberry store in Pavillion KL, unfortunately, that's no sale items make me pull out my credit card.

Thank god! I am safe from the "storm of sale", so I continues my journal to the next stop which is KLCC for "brands window shopping". Than, I standing at the Burberry store with the "Sale up to 50%" on the display window again. In my mind said: don't worries, that's no good deal in Pavillion breach, means will be same in KLCC as well, so no fear walk-in for "vision shopping".

While I was "vision shopping" walk around the store, a few items tag in 60% yellow sign is in front of me, my heartbeat getting more pumping after the sale girl showing me the discount price, my hand start sharking and lost control put out my wallet...

Than the next things that I know is I will have an extra amount on my next month credit card bill . Godness! I hate sales.

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