Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Melaka short break: Late lunch in rushing

After finish setting down our luggage in sleeping place, we only have one of half hour left for us rushing bite our "late lunch" before continues driving to Muar attended my friend wedding dinner at evening.

Jonker 88. full of people...

We walk down at Jonker Walk found this old cafe shop named "Jonker 88" which one of the famous Cendol stall located not far away from Number Twenty Guesthouse. This shop is famous for its environment which decorated by plenty of archeology artifacts displayed on the wall display.

Some collection of of archeology artifacts

Because the limited timing, so we can't really enjoy the atmosphere of old historic Chinese Baba house, It is my first time having rushing bite in my short break holiday, which I never thought about it before...

Our late lunch

Rushing to finish it before the next party...

Andy's lunch: Baba style curry chicken with rice

Me & Jemy's lunch: Melaka asam laksa

Jonker 88 famous: Cendols


Dezmond said...

OMG.. I've been to that place dozen of times.. love their cendol and their asam laksa! woot! can't wait to fly back melaka for some melaka food..

calgraden said...

Yeah! Melaka is one of my food haven....damn! I gain weight after back from there...haha