Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A night at Island Bistro

Night before fall, is time to take a break after the whole day journal.
In the busy side of Pavillion mall, we discover an hidden peaceful island for our stop, name as Island Bistro. That is no white sand beach with coconut trees, the only had in this Island Bistro is the warm topical decoration with relaxing island's music in background make you feel holiday in small beach town of southern sea...

Lying at sofa with my ice water and fall in island mood. that's my feeling when I sitting in this quite, cooling Island Bistro. I love the concept of the Bistro, filling with full of classic island living style, enjoy watching the busy city life in the same time as well...

Beach house in the city

I love this corner of Island Bistro

Rest and relax...

Delicious fusion foods in the loving place

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