Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pants underworld

Do you still remember when is your first time make a choice for your own tastes underwear without parents help? I still remember I make my own decision about what I wear under the pants at teenage time, from the low price 3 pick briefs revolution until expensive brands when I getting afforded.

Underwear is a fashion apart today. All kind of bikinis, briefs, thongs, strings, boxers and jockstraps are available for the modern man's tastes and preferences. The vast majority of brands employ young, lean, nearly nude male models as their selling point. Calvin Klein is one of the most successful example, posting their sex-drenched ads in magazines and on billboards and websites everywhere. Today, sex sells just about anything, and it would be more than safe to assume that it all originated with our society's embracing of underwear.

However the modern sexualization of underwear has started a new trend: not wearing underwear at all. This practice is known as freeballing and shows how far underwear has changed from its beginnings as a hygienic aide. When modern people bathe every day, underwear is not nearly as necessary, and with underwear as the final barrier to sex, not wearing it at all is a powerful turn-on for many people.

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