Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer break second stop: Hong Kong

While I arrive Hong Kong on my third days summer holiday, the YMCA hotel that I stay has no internet connection. Damn! I went to the reception asking for it, they told me I need to pay HK15 (RM7.50) per half an hour. Gosh! I prefer use that amount for food better than spending on half an hour connection.

Hot and hot summer

Sale begin...

Hong Kong is a haven for shopping, the grand summer sale only starting on July, when I arrive, some of the store already starting give shopaholic a "warm up " sale.

I am in rush, miss it this store...damn!

Central Hong Kong

H&M, one of the place lost my control...

Outlet store is here and there in Hong Kong, you need walk up and down tired to find it, but now you can visit the all the outlet stores under one roof. Citygate Outlet right next to Tung Chung MRT Station which make my credit card out from my wallet.

Full shopping bag on hand, walk out from the mall...

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