Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Summer" long break

I am going off a week for my "Summer" long break starting on tomorrow. For my own trip usually will go for backpacker, but this time with parents along, means no more budget hostel on this trip. To finding a good room at good location with good deal in high living cost city is not easy, took me lots of time on cost planning...

On my trip, specially travelling in metropolitan cities, of course I will not miss out one of important activities... its right, shopping. I already got a shopping check list from friends before starting my journey.

Here the shopping check list:

Mr L: Coach leather bag (if really cheap price), Agnes b bag (if below RM400).

Miss J: Marc Jacobs bag (if really super cheap price) & special item (if they carry the stock), H&M bag, H&M bikini (sorry, can't help you)

Mr A: Gift for July special. (yes, i will find something can't get it in the city we live)

My self: Everything nice in H&M (I am really crazy about it), Bag in super brand (if I am lucky get 60% off), Gift for July special (don't worry, not bikini)


HuiLinG said...

wa mau jugak!!
wa mau... wa mau... manyak la >.<
i wan Tous, Sealine white color :D

calgraden said...

Hello...Ok ok...Try to find for you if I found Tours store there....

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