Friday, June 13, 2008

The Very Leggy Summer

Shorts is one of the item must have in Summer or even day-life must wear in topical weather city that I living now. I love wearing shorts during the weekend, some friend of mine said shorts sometime is too casual to wear walking at the mall specially the brands store, but in my opinion which brands store will care what you wearing, they mostly care how much money from your pocket will spending on their products only.

This year, designers has make the shorts more tiny and shorter for man and women, of course its no problem for women or metrosexual guy, but for those old minder man who wearing shorts in baggy style and length over the knee since they born, its really hard for them...

Below this few guidelines will help you choose the right shorts for your own style:

On Fit: Treat your shorts the way you treat your pants, If you wear baggy pants, get baggy shorts. If you prefer fitted, it follows, pick a trimmer style. Then again, try not to be seduced by the loose looks on the model-clerks at Abercrombie. Those guys are muscular, with big, beefy legs, but if you don’t have muscular legs, your legs will look like two little toothpicks.

On Length: If you have any insecurities, go with a longer look, like just above the knee. Longer than that and you enter “Euro-cute Capri-pant” territory. And beware of the other extreme: “Maybe an inch or two above the knee.”

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