Sunday, July 20, 2008

Luxury weekend at Westin Hotel

I going my second trip on Monday, to control my spending being the next shopping victim before the trip (is Mega sale now, Ms.Y , Ms.J and Mr.L is already in apart of victim list), I am putting my self to Westin Hotel enjoying my free weekend.

Westin, here we came...

Two weeks ago, I receive a Taste Matter membership from Westin Hotel with few gift vouchers attached. To fully use it the privileges of gift vouchers, I am decided go for their Dim Sum Brunch at the EAST restaurant by using RM50 gift voucher which I paying extra RM28++ for my lunch.

Luxury EAST restaurant

The menu...

Our table with Pavillion shopping mall view...

Having Dim Sum in luxury way...

Than, continues using the free access for gym and swimming pool gift voucher enjoying my sun tan at middle of the city. Friend of mine really impress about the fancy tube shape shower place at change room and wanted made one at his place...

Soon later this tube shape shower room will be in my friend place...:-)

Hot, hot hot like BBQ

The Living room

After few hours hanging at the pool side, is time go for free dinner at Westin Hotel, Living Room restaurant. Yes, is hard to believe that still have free stuff beside the air on this metropolitan city.

Free dinner in hotel, only at Westin Hotel...

Thanks for Westin Hotel, you make my weekend feel living in luxury. So, when you will send me the free night stay?... :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A night at Bali

I receive a birthday celebration invitation after back from holiday, is from "July special".

Two week later, me, invited guests and "July special" boarding cross the hills and cities, finally arrival a place full of indo-topical atmosphere. "Thank you flight with us, have a nice trip and see you again". Yes, we are landing the place with the Balinese tradition music, the topical drinks...gosh! we are at Bali...

Welcome to Bali....

...fancy garden fancy restaurant named Bora Asmara which hidden at the Malay village. The weather is wet on that whole late afternoon, "July special" a bit worries about the table we booking which semi-open air under the hut, but after we there, we knew that its no worries anymore, the hut actually is a huge Balinese Gazebo for 6 persons with nice Balinese decoration garden.

Balinese Gazebo make "July special" crazy about it...

In the mood of Bali

Lovely Balinese decoration

Yummy foods...

The restaurant serving Asian Western fusion food, out of 10 points, I will give 7 points base on foods and service. Thank to "July special" given us a unforgettable wonderful Bali night.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Topical atmosphere at Kinnaree

Friend of mine which is foods lover beside shopaholic, found a thai cuisine restaurants hidden in new business center Jaya One at Petaling Jaya.

Kinnaree Cuisine at Jaya One is the first franchise of Kinnaree Gourmet at Bangkok, they serving traditional Thai fine dining with experience of new modern topical atmosphere.

Front entry. Do you feel the warm of topical?

We welcome by a warm colour wall hanging with a huge Thai modern art piece at the front entry, the dinning place is located on the second floor, not huge space as Kinnaree at Bangkok, but the space decoration, table lining and the foods menu is still the same what they had at Bangkok.
Dining area make me feel I am in Bangkok again

Huge Thai modern art piece, I wanted put in my house too...

Quiet place with topical space decoration
Free litter starter while we waiting the foods

Tod Man Pla, is a traditional Thai starter. Thai fish cakes made with minced fish blended with red curry, green beans, lime leaves and chillies served with sweet chili sauce with peanut on top, which is one of my favorites Thai food. Huge basket for 4 persons only cost less than RM15.
Tod Man Pla

They do serving set lunch on weekend, is about RM18 per person with main course, bottomless drinks and ice cream fruits plate for desserts.

If you looking some quiet and fancy dinning place with affordable price. Kinnaree Cuisine is the right place.

My set lunch

Ice cream fruits plate

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gucci Gala night live in Rome

Since back from holiday, I keep my self in lazy mood for my blog posting, my job. Gosh! my soul still in holiday...

Back to the fashion, Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini comes along and throws a big party in a villa overlooking the Eternal City. The gala night for 70th anniversary of the famed Gucci boutique near the Spanish Steps, and began with the presentation of Gucci 2009 cruise collection which usually shown in New York. Yes, Gucci fashion show finally return to Rome, a place they starting the brand.

Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini in 2009 cruise collection fashion shows

Gucci has opened the first store at the foot of the Spanish Steps on Via Condotti in 1938. After 70 years long retail in Rome, the store is newly refurbished by idea of Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini.

Giannini's concept, which employs warmth and light to spectacular effects. Inside is fill with by gold plate lamp shades with full of art deco stylish space. given Gucci's a classic 21 st century look with the particular historical of the store.

Classic front entry of store

Bag bar, one of the place make Gucci's fans crazy about it

Gosh! I feel to put out my credit card...

Man's department

You will really feel live in luxury walk down from here...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Victory of shopping

After posting the places I been and foods I bites on trip, now is the final point for this whole summer trip. I guess people who knew me will get it what I mean. Yes, the victory of shopping.

Hong Kong is totally a heaven for shopaholic like me. I was keep my self away from the "super mark down sale time" (usually the mark down sale having on begin of July), to avoid spending too much money on shopping, I mark my arrival date at Hong Kong on June. Unfortunately, this year, the sales starting early, plus a outlets mall opening at Hong Kong which make me lost control with lots of shopping bags.

Friend of mine asking how much that I spending on this "evil sale"?, I put up four fingers showing him, he said: 'Rm400?'. "No, is four digit numbers." He showing me a shocking face after I told it with put up my four fingers again. I understand, I get shock too when I was checking my bills.

Finally, I own it...

My second D&G...

I love my name...:-)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food republic

Each time during the trip, I am always keep some free time to finding a bites of the local flavour foods there, tasting their style of life.

First stop: Shenzhen
Shenzhen is one of the modern cities at mainland, Chinese traditional foods is the most I taste it. The living cost in China is more affordable for those travelling in budget, RM23 nett for "Dim Sum" buffet with fabulous view at 48 floors, really can't find it at the city we live.

Dim Sum with litter shark fin on top

Rabbit shape Dim Sum

Fast foods, I trying many time in my life since 5 year old. This time in Shenzhen, I get tasting the fast food in Chinese style. Kungfu, that's the name of the fast food shop, they serving rice with Chinese dishes plus the hot soy milk as drinks. costly only RM7 per set.

"Kungfu" fast foods delivery foods fast like Kungfu

Second stop: Hong Kong
Hong Kong foods is the one cost my money most, the living cost there is two time on the city I live. A set of breakfast at the small store along the hidden street cost RM13.50, lunch with noddles plus drinks cost RM13. After two days bites at the "hidden store", I decide go for some international brand restaurant during visit "The Peak" for the fabulous Victoria Harbour skyline, surprise me that only cost RM165 for bill.

Breakfast with Hong Kong style


...and noddles again, don't know why, I really like the taste of soup.

Last stop: Macau
Macau same like Malaka, historic town with lot of local traditional foods. I get to taste it the most local flavour: Pork shop Sandwich and Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese style egg tart). Beside that, famous local desserts is must try at Mucau. Serradura, a dessert made of crème, cracker crumbs covered with soft egg white. Ice cream sandwich, a dessert made of home taste hand made Ice cream with coconut mixing with vanilla and watermelon flavours together with cracker on top.

Hot, hot baby. Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese style egg tart)

Macau's famous local dessert: Serradura

The dessert store

The dessert list, most is milky milky...

Ice cream sandwich for hot summer

Macau's famous older Pastelaria, bring you back to oldies 40s