Sunday, July 6, 2008

Food republic

Each time during the trip, I am always keep some free time to finding a bites of the local flavour foods there, tasting their style of life.

First stop: Shenzhen
Shenzhen is one of the modern cities at mainland, Chinese traditional foods is the most I taste it. The living cost in China is more affordable for those travelling in budget, RM23 nett for "Dim Sum" buffet with fabulous view at 48 floors, really can't find it at the city we live.

Dim Sum with litter shark fin on top

Rabbit shape Dim Sum

Fast foods, I trying many time in my life since 5 year old. This time in Shenzhen, I get tasting the fast food in Chinese style. Kungfu, that's the name of the fast food shop, they serving rice with Chinese dishes plus the hot soy milk as drinks. costly only RM7 per set.

"Kungfu" fast foods delivery foods fast like Kungfu

Second stop: Hong Kong
Hong Kong foods is the one cost my money most, the living cost there is two time on the city I live. A set of breakfast at the small store along the hidden street cost RM13.50, lunch with noddles plus drinks cost RM13. After two days bites at the "hidden store", I decide go for some international brand restaurant during visit "The Peak" for the fabulous Victoria Harbour skyline, surprise me that only cost RM165 for bill.

Breakfast with Hong Kong style


...and noddles again, don't know why, I really like the taste of soup.

Last stop: Macau
Macau same like Malaka, historic town with lot of local traditional foods. I get to taste it the most local flavour: Pork shop Sandwich and Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese style egg tart). Beside that, famous local desserts is must try at Mucau. Serradura, a dessert made of crème, cracker crumbs covered with soft egg white. Ice cream sandwich, a dessert made of home taste hand made Ice cream with coconut mixing with vanilla and watermelon flavours together with cracker on top.

Hot, hot baby. Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese style egg tart)

Macau's famous local dessert: Serradura

The dessert store

The dessert list, most is milky milky...

Ice cream sandwich for hot summer

Macau's famous older Pastelaria, bring you back to oldies 40s


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