Monday, July 14, 2008

Topical atmosphere at Kinnaree

Friend of mine which is foods lover beside shopaholic, found a thai cuisine restaurants hidden in new business center Jaya One at Petaling Jaya.

Kinnaree Cuisine at Jaya One is the first franchise of Kinnaree Gourmet at Bangkok, they serving traditional Thai fine dining with experience of new modern topical atmosphere.

Front entry. Do you feel the warm of topical?

We welcome by a warm colour wall hanging with a huge Thai modern art piece at the front entry, the dinning place is located on the second floor, not huge space as Kinnaree at Bangkok, but the space decoration, table lining and the foods menu is still the same what they had at Bangkok.
Dining area make me feel I am in Bangkok again

Huge Thai modern art piece, I wanted put in my house too...

Quiet place with topical space decoration
Free litter starter while we waiting the foods

Tod Man Pla, is a traditional Thai starter. Thai fish cakes made with minced fish blended with red curry, green beans, lime leaves and chillies served with sweet chili sauce with peanut on top, which is one of my favorites Thai food. Huge basket for 4 persons only cost less than RM15.
Tod Man Pla

They do serving set lunch on weekend, is about RM18 per person with main course, bottomless drinks and ice cream fruits plate for desserts.

If you looking some quiet and fancy dinning place with affordable price. Kinnaree Cuisine is the right place.

My set lunch

Ice cream fruits plate


ccc said...

Haha! That's my favourite too. I can easily get Tod Man Pla from Pasar Pagi here. But it's a pure vegetarian version. No fish cake. ^^

calgraden said...

oooh! I am so envy you. Here is hardly can get Tod man Pla at the market...

ccc said...

I stay near Thai border ma. I like Songtam too---Thai Salad I'd call it, with green papaya, peanut, lemon juice, fish oil etc.

By the way, what do you work as? How come eating everywhere? ;P

calgraden said...

Ooooh! That's why you can get Thai's traditional foods easily. I love the Songtam too. I like the taste of spice and sour...

I am do design for living, coz I love tasting the foods, that's why eating everywhere I go...