Friday, July 11, 2008

Gucci Gala night live in Rome

Since back from holiday, I keep my self in lazy mood for my blog posting, my job. Gosh! my soul still in holiday...

Back to the fashion, Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini comes along and throws a big party in a villa overlooking the Eternal City. The gala night for 70th anniversary of the famed Gucci boutique near the Spanish Steps, and began with the presentation of Gucci 2009 cruise collection which usually shown in New York. Yes, Gucci fashion show finally return to Rome, a place they starting the brand.

Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini in 2009 cruise collection fashion shows

Gucci has opened the first store at the foot of the Spanish Steps on Via Condotti in 1938. After 70 years long retail in Rome, the store is newly refurbished by idea of Gucci's fashion creator Frida Giannini.

Giannini's concept, which employs warmth and light to spectacular effects. Inside is fill with by gold plate lamp shades with full of art deco stylish space. given Gucci's a classic 21 st century look with the particular historical of the store.

Classic front entry of store

Bag bar, one of the place make Gucci's fans crazy about it

Gosh! I feel to put out my credit card...

Man's department

You will really feel live in luxury walk down from here...

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