Monday, July 7, 2008

Victory of shopping

After posting the places I been and foods I bites on trip, now is the final point for this whole summer trip. I guess people who knew me will get it what I mean. Yes, the victory of shopping.

Hong Kong is totally a heaven for shopaholic like me. I was keep my self away from the "super mark down sale time" (usually the mark down sale having on begin of July), to avoid spending too much money on shopping, I mark my arrival date at Hong Kong on June. Unfortunately, this year, the sales starting early, plus a outlets mall opening at Hong Kong which make me lost control with lots of shopping bags.

Friend of mine asking how much that I spending on this "evil sale"?, I put up four fingers showing him, he said: 'Rm400?'. "No, is four digit numbers." He showing me a shocking face after I told it with put up my four fingers again. I understand, I get shock too when I was checking my bills.

Finally, I own it...

My second D&G...

I love my name...:-)

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