Friday, August 1, 2008

"blood sucker" victim

Two weeks before the Shanghai trip, I went to applying visa to enter this great mainland. While I arrive at China visa counter, I am get shocking what counter girl told me...

Counter girl: Yes, what I can do for you?
Me: Hi. I would like to apply a visa for my trip.

Counter girl: How many days you will staying and which city you will visit?
Me: 6 days, will visit Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai.

Counter girl: Sorry, if you wanted to apply 6 days visa might have a bit problem, because is too near the Olympics month. Somehow you will only get approve for 5 days visa on July.
Me: But I get knew from the TV news said that China didn't stopping tourist apply visa for visit China as long the person have all the flight and hotel documents during apply. I have all the documents with me now.

Counter girl: Yes I knew, but its latest order from "decision maker". Here the deal, if you apply visa by using our agent service, you will be confirm get 30 days stay. if not you might have to shorten your visit days.
Me: I can't change the date, because I am already booking my flight and hotels. Than how much I have to pay for agent service?

Counter girl: Only RM360. Fall up the form with your picture, we will process for you the visa in three days.
Me: What? But if I line up apply by my self only cost RM40, why the agent service costing so much?

Counter girl: Well, if you feel is too expensive, you can to go line up and apply by your self, but I am not sure you can get approve for 6 days visa, because for July month is only have 5 days visa...

Finally, I paid RM360 for the visa, I think if I not yet booking the flight and hotel, I will not spending that much money only for a China visa. Because Olympics game, I be one of the "blood sucker" victim.


Yenny said...

我做了一年的中国visa,明年才到期~ 哇哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

calgraden said...

You so lucky applying one year visa early...Huuummm! why you need one year China visa for? Got business there..:)?

Yenny said...

No lar... apply for one year then can go anytime and unlimited entry ma...

You... mm hou choi lar~ hahahahahahahah