Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot summer trip: Shanghai Day 1

Night fall after finish our dinner, temperature still remain hot and dry at 33 degree Celsius. Walking around this city feel like having a steam bath in sauna room, we keep drop-in some air condition department store after some walking to cool down our body temperature.

Shanghai another tourist attractions is the night view of Pudong and The Bund, buildings with fantastic lighting make this city shining like a diamond.

The most famous and attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 52 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance. The Bund was the centre of Shanghai's politics, economy and culture hundreds of years ago, consulates of most countries and many banks, businesses and newspaper offices were settled there, walking around there, the "Europe feel" is fully filling in my mind.

But for my travel partner, Nanjing East Road is more attractive and make his eye shining like diamond specially on stores with summer sales tag. Nanjing East Road is shopping heaven with lot of malls, department store and shops, the street is overcrowded even in weekday late night.

Pudong make Shanghai more metropolitan

The Bund, the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds years

The Gothic, Romanesque buildings make very "Europe feel"...

Nanjing East Road, shopping heaven

Fancy dining place near the waterfront

Some hundreds years department store at Nanjing East Road

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