Monday, August 11, 2008

A mark cost with lot of pain

Last week, I finally make a decision did something on my bodies which been dream for it many years, a forever mark of personal identities until death.

Me and Ms. J went to this DragonFly tattoo store having our "first time" there, After paid the payment and signing some document, I choose to be first one enjoying "the joy of tattoo".

I am in the "joy of tattoo"

In this moment, I already reaching the high level of pain...

I get knew from the website said will get a bit painful during the process, but I didn't know is even painful what I thought. The tattoo master putting tattoo gun on my belly part starting "drawing" without inform me, the first injection on my skin is really unforgettable, pains is directing shock my brain stop thinking for 5 seconds.

Is it done? not yet....

...Gosh! still not yet done

During I am in "joy of tattoo", my mobile phone is ringing, a "greeting text" from Ms. J said: "Pain or not?". Do stop make her worry about it (next is her turn), I reply said: "pain just like having medicine injection, but many time", later on she reply in very confident words said: "I think I can take it.....". I stop thinking on that moment, the "joy of tattoo" is filling my brain, I completely in pain.

Now is done with lot of painzzz...

After one and half hour in "joy of tattoo", my personal identities mark is complete, during Ms.J turn, I blessing her with good luck, she looking on my evil face and start loosing her confident, with no choice, she step-in the tattoo room having a "joy of tattoo".

Five minute later, I got text from Ms. J said: " you bluff, its very pain"....

Welcome to tattoo family Ms. J.

Ms. J's tattoo worth RM180 with lot of tears...

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