Sunday, September 14, 2008

Live better. Feel better

Life move forward no matter how badly that impact is. I am crossing 33 years of my life with mixing joy and cheerful from the friends I knew.

I love topical atmosphere, it is why I choose here crossing my 33.

In the cozy afternoon at Bijan

With cold fruit punch

Together with friends having a wonderful moments

Glamour of being an explorer

Joy and cheerful

Enjoying the fine cuisine

The surprises is really touching my heart, specially the moment when pop-up on the table, which I never thought at all.

The gifts. Jamy, Andy, Yenny, Wan Yee and Dom. Many thanks for your kindness truly from heart. Also to Eric, thank you for care and supports all the time when I was in badly days.

A gift for my self, to deserves live better from now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bad mood

Is sunny Sunday.
I suppose have sunny mood.
I suppose cheery.
But I don't get it.

Again, I am hidden my emotions.
Again, I am choose silence my self.
Again, I am breaking my mood.
Again, I am back forward what I did on my past.

I choose not going home.
I choose away.
I choose alone.

I thought.
A drinks can make me better.
A drinks can wish out my bad mood.
A drinks can cool down my emotions.

After all.
I still unhappy.
I still sad.
I still hurt.

Maybe I should go home.
Maybe I should have a cold shower.
Maybe I should have a sleep.
Maybe that's just a bad dream.
Maybe I will be fine tomorrow.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Freebies of the month

Freebies is everywhere in my office during the festivals season.
Here the winners list for the freebies awards of the month:

The most kindness freebies award

Lot of cheese cake send from some company, we eat free and pack home free as well...

The best visual freebies award

Free CupcakeChic cakes plus left over events flower

The best action freebies award

A free spa massages sponsor by Digi.

The most dramatic performance freebies award

A free organic bread from someone kindness, but is out of the best date...

The costly luxury freebies

Marc Jacobs's bag is free with some Japan magazine.
Of course you have to pay RM70 for the magazine only you get freebies

The best freebies award

The reason why Haagen-Dazs in the best freebies because is totally free and enjoyable...