Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quality of life

Since is my new single life, I decided be who am I now. I stopping continues what I did on every weekend in past half years ago. No more hangout around at shopping malls without direction, those activities make my soul feeling empty. No more costly dining every weekend which make me sick about it.

I am a guy love simple life, I do shopping, only have something to buy. I go fancy costly dining, only on some special day for cheer out. Foods for me can be very sample and easy, what I put in my mouth no matter how expensive is, the final results before flushing is still a piece of shit.

Some people thought if wanted be apart of "big city citizen", must make their self living in stylish with those activities I mention and acting look like born in concrete jungle. For them that's call quality of life which will improve the motivation of their career or future financing, means spending more than will find a way to learning more.

What I seem from this group of people, they do have sound like quality of life, but with negative saving in account plus lot of credit card bills. I have difference view on it, living in stylish for me is spending what is needed, not over the learning limit. Quality of life for me is build from mind and soul, not from the foods and clothes.

I born in big city, but I like escape from concrete jungle sometime, away from stress and depression on caught in traffic jams, crowd of shoppers in the malls, falling in nature green and give my self a piece of peaceful mind. For me, that's call quality of life.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back to the gym

I am returning to gym almost more than a month,
trying to find the lost part of my gym life.
Everything is remain the same like past two years.
The place, the gym mate I knew,
great past memory keep refreshing in my mind.

I believe no pain no gain,
what those person judges and said on me,
now is not important for me anymore.
I believe fair of god.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 4

Our bus to Krabi Town

After 3 days living with sun and sea, we decided back to city life with shopping fun before end of the trip. The journey took about 45 minutes from Au Nang Beach to Krabi Town by some local buses.

The main street of Krabi Town

Krabi Town is a small town with few blocks of shops and malls. Basically is not much we can shop, but we still get crazy when saw the "Boots" sale sign on the malls.

Krabi Town's landmark. Apes on traffic light

Which line is yours?

Boots is a famous brand of Nottingham pharmaceutical, health and beauty retailer founded by Jesse Boot in the 19th century. Thailand is the only Asian counties which have the Boots stores and most nearly from the city I live, even Hong Kong is no more longer available since 2007.

Me and the "Sex and the city" ladies like "Alice in Wonderland" fall in the Boots' crazy sales, some of the products even buy one get one free! Then, we discover another super deal. The Swensens's special deal, a cup of ice cream only cost half of our living city price.

Swensens's special deal

We totally tourist look!

After all, again we back to the beach enjoying the rest and relax moments of the day. The ladies choose to be lazy on the bed with TV shows, for me, I continues tanned with my MP3 and books...

I wish is apart of my daily life...

A cozy afternoon

Friday, October 10, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 3

Fun in the rain...

After two sunny hot days, god must be pity us that giving a shower rest of the day, so we can recover from the sun burning. Today we continues our islands hoping for the five islands tour, while we arrive the jetty ready for get in the boat, rain drop starting fall from the sky. Gosh!

The monsoon weather didn't make us stop at the begin point. The boat is on wave sailing with strong wind, splashing sea water on our face, kind a feeling like in the movie of "The Perfect Storm". I make a joke told the "Sex and the city" ladies said that we buy this five islands tour free with" the deep sea water spa".

Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon

Map of Hong Island

We arrive at Hong Island after almost an hour "deep sea water spa". Hong Island is protected under national marine park, is the most beautiful Island in the Andaman Sea. We enter by boat a unique narrow passageway leading to Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon of green and blue waters, surrounded by limestone mountains and mangrove forests. After all, we need to pay entry fees for foot stepping on this national marine park, the park totally white powdering sand, crystal clear sea water which we can see all kind of marine fish without snorkeling.

Pay before stepping in...

Beach of marine park

Buffet of the day

High tea of the day

Lading Island

The tour continues to our next stop Lading Island for lunch and snorkeling along the island. I saw the same lunch boxes like yesterday carries by tour guides out from the boat, than I told Ms J we might having a same food for lunch. While we open up the lunch box....Gosh!, but we still enjoying the bite with amazing view and cooler beers.

Beach lunch box...

...with cooler beer

Monsoon weather still follow us, the rain fall again after hoping at Pakbia Island and Rai Island, this time the strong wind make the wave getting high and unstable. To stop risking our life, we skiping for the last stop at Daeng Island ending up the islands hoping by one more time "deep sea water spa" on the return way to jetty.

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 2

Our villa with pool

Today, me and the "Sex and the city" ladies woke up early for four islands hoping tour, is very sarcastic that we not even wake up so early in our working day but on holiday. Because of late "party" last night, all of us having "puffer face" plus "panda eye pack" continues our second day of Krabi.

The stylish cafes with amazing rocky cliffs view

Before depart to tour office, we having breakfast at posh stylish cafes belong the resort. Ms J said she want her breakfast look like luxury style, so I using my design skill created a "couture breakfast" make it our morning even more live in style.

A day start with "couture breakfast"

Ms J living in style

Thanks for Ms J super bargain skills, we got our islands hoping tour in very good deal, which only pay less than RM100 (USD26.8) for nine islands plus lunch two days tour.

Jewel sea with powdering white sandy beach

By 9.30am, we arrive the first stop at exotic tropical Tup Island. a ideal for easy snorkeling and exploring on foot. Double J sister flowing on the blue sea waiting for handsome guys, me and Ms Y walk along the white, sandy causeway discover the neighbouring island. Surprisingly we discovery some "Bang bang" couple naughty in the water, totally matching the title of sea, sand, sun and sex....

Say cheese....

Gosh! we are good as jumper

Chicken Island

Islands hoping continues to second drop by at Chicken Island, natural landmark named after the shape of its unique limestone rock jutting out into the sea. After that we arrive third stop at Poda Island for beach picnic lunch and sun bathing on sandy beach line with majestic rocky cliffs in middle of jewel sea.

Party at Poda Island

We so lucky that landing this island in right time. Got some beach party going on there, somehow we technically be apart of the guest. Ms J and me taking freebies adventure for free ride sea kayaking, free topical party hats...

No pain, no gain. The results of working hard at gym...

Princess cave

The final stop of the tour is Princess cave at Phranang beach. What really make us interesting is temple in the cave with lot of difference size of phallic symbols, is for fisherman praying good luck before starting fishing on the sea. After all, four of us came back with tired but full of fun and joys, plus a nice sexy body tanned, I can't wait for tomorrow five islands tour.

Load of the dick

Phranang beach

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Bitch & Beach" day 1

Fly away...

Sea, sun, sand plus "Sex and the city" ladies for begin of my new single life with lots of fun, joys and happenings. I really enjoying this "foursome" trip.

We arrive on this "Asian Miami" Au Nang Beach in very blue sky sunny afternoon, that's really amazing day which I never thought on it in monsoon season. After check-in our villa, is time having a spice of Thailand for our lunch, what really touching my heart is that friendly owner with kindness free fruits palette even we not spending really much on bills. ขอบคุณ khob-kun!

We arrive...

Sea, sun, sand and no sex...

Few step more to heaven...

I went to Phuket before, I think Krabi is a ideal place to escape from the Phuket's busy and noisy. Here I can walking around in peaceful steps without people chasing me for buying somethings, I can make my own private space at whatever place I want on beach without paying for entry fees.

Boy for sale...

Tuk Tuk for you?

Hot hot baby...

The sun is still hot in late afternoon, "Sex and the city" ladies get ready for tanned after tired window shopping around the main street. But after half an hour "BBQ" on the beach, four of us feeling bored and start bitching and camholic with wonderful sunset ending our first "bitch & beach" day...

We get "really tanned"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Freedom of single

Finally, I woke up from darkness, no more painful, no more sadness, no more back forward to the past. I decided let go those things not apart for me before departed to new begin.

September for me is cycle of life, I taste it all kind of emotions in my birthday month, from happiness with fantasy turning to sadness with hopeless than back to peaceful mind enjoying the life of single.

Friend of mine E asking me is it ready fall in love again, I told E my soul feeling exhaustion on relationship, I being enjoy be alone for now. I don't want rushing anymore for love, maybe I need more time to accepted a new relationship this time. So, when is it? I really don't know, just let it be what suppose will be.

Begin of October, is a new step of my life. I starting taste it the freedom of single, going or doing whatever places or things follow my own way, own style. I believe each time fall down by impacts, will become more stronger on next time, learning from the past will not repeat happenings hurt my self again.

I live better for the challenges of life.