Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 4

Our bus to Krabi Town

After 3 days living with sun and sea, we decided back to city life with shopping fun before end of the trip. The journey took about 45 minutes from Au Nang Beach to Krabi Town by some local buses.

The main street of Krabi Town

Krabi Town is a small town with few blocks of shops and malls. Basically is not much we can shop, but we still get crazy when saw the "Boots" sale sign on the malls.

Krabi Town's landmark. Apes on traffic light

Which line is yours?

Boots is a famous brand of Nottingham pharmaceutical, health and beauty retailer founded by Jesse Boot in the 19th century. Thailand is the only Asian counties which have the Boots stores and most nearly from the city I live, even Hong Kong is no more longer available since 2007.

Me and the "Sex and the city" ladies like "Alice in Wonderland" fall in the Boots' crazy sales, some of the products even buy one get one free! Then, we discover another super deal. The Swensens's special deal, a cup of ice cream only cost half of our living city price.

Swensens's special deal

We totally tourist look!

After all, again we back to the beach enjoying the rest and relax moments of the day. The ladies choose to be lazy on the bed with TV shows, for me, I continues tanned with my MP3 and books...

I wish is apart of my daily life...

A cozy afternoon


lcfu said...

i gotta go to krabi~~~

calgraden said...

yeah! enjoy your sea, sun and sex (if have)....haha