Monday, October 6, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 2

Our villa with pool

Today, me and the "Sex and the city" ladies woke up early for four islands hoping tour, is very sarcastic that we not even wake up so early in our working day but on holiday. Because of late "party" last night, all of us having "puffer face" plus "panda eye pack" continues our second day of Krabi.

The stylish cafes with amazing rocky cliffs view

Before depart to tour office, we having breakfast at posh stylish cafes belong the resort. Ms J said she want her breakfast look like luxury style, so I using my design skill created a "couture breakfast" make it our morning even more live in style.

A day start with "couture breakfast"

Ms J living in style

Thanks for Ms J super bargain skills, we got our islands hoping tour in very good deal, which only pay less than RM100 (USD26.8) for nine islands plus lunch two days tour.

Jewel sea with powdering white sandy beach

By 9.30am, we arrive the first stop at exotic tropical Tup Island. a ideal for easy snorkeling and exploring on foot. Double J sister flowing on the blue sea waiting for handsome guys, me and Ms Y walk along the white, sandy causeway discover the neighbouring island. Surprisingly we discovery some "Bang bang" couple naughty in the water, totally matching the title of sea, sand, sun and sex....

Say cheese....

Gosh! we are good as jumper

Chicken Island

Islands hoping continues to second drop by at Chicken Island, natural landmark named after the shape of its unique limestone rock jutting out into the sea. After that we arrive third stop at Poda Island for beach picnic lunch and sun bathing on sandy beach line with majestic rocky cliffs in middle of jewel sea.

Party at Poda Island

We so lucky that landing this island in right time. Got some beach party going on there, somehow we technically be apart of the guest. Ms J and me taking freebies adventure for free ride sea kayaking, free topical party hats...

No pain, no gain. The results of working hard at gym...

Princess cave

The final stop of the tour is Princess cave at Phranang beach. What really make us interesting is temple in the cave with lot of difference size of phallic symbols, is for fisherman praying good luck before starting fishing on the sea. After all, four of us came back with tired but full of fun and joys, plus a nice sexy body tanned, I can't wait for tomorrow five islands tour.

Load of the dick

Phranang beach

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