Friday, October 10, 2008

"Bitch & beach" day 3

Fun in the rain...

After two sunny hot days, god must be pity us that giving a shower rest of the day, so we can recover from the sun burning. Today we continues our islands hoping for the five islands tour, while we arrive the jetty ready for get in the boat, rain drop starting fall from the sky. Gosh!

The monsoon weather didn't make us stop at the begin point. The boat is on wave sailing with strong wind, splashing sea water on our face, kind a feeling like in the movie of "The Perfect Storm". I make a joke told the "Sex and the city" ladies said that we buy this five islands tour free with" the deep sea water spa".

Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon

Map of Hong Island

We arrive at Hong Island after almost an hour "deep sea water spa". Hong Island is protected under national marine park, is the most beautiful Island in the Andaman Sea. We enter by boat a unique narrow passageway leading to Hong Island's fantastic Lagoon of green and blue waters, surrounded by limestone mountains and mangrove forests. After all, we need to pay entry fees for foot stepping on this national marine park, the park totally white powdering sand, crystal clear sea water which we can see all kind of marine fish without snorkeling.

Pay before stepping in...

Beach of marine park

Buffet of the day

High tea of the day

Lading Island

The tour continues to our next stop Lading Island for lunch and snorkeling along the island. I saw the same lunch boxes like yesterday carries by tour guides out from the boat, than I told Ms J we might having a same food for lunch. While we open up the lunch box....Gosh!, but we still enjoying the bite with amazing view and cooler beers.

Beach lunch box...

...with cooler beer

Monsoon weather still follow us, the rain fall again after hoping at Pakbia Island and Rai Island, this time the strong wind make the wave getting high and unstable. To stop risking our life, we skiping for the last stop at Daeng Island ending up the islands hoping by one more time "deep sea water spa" on the return way to jetty.


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