Thursday, October 2, 2008

Freedom of single

Finally, I woke up from darkness, no more painful, no more sadness, no more back forward to the past. I decided let go those things not apart for me before departed to new begin.

September for me is cycle of life, I taste it all kind of emotions in my birthday month, from happiness with fantasy turning to sadness with hopeless than back to peaceful mind enjoying the life of single.

Friend of mine E asking me is it ready fall in love again, I told E my soul feeling exhaustion on relationship, I being enjoy be alone for now. I don't want rushing anymore for love, maybe I need more time to accepted a new relationship this time. So, when is it? I really don't know, just let it be what suppose will be.

Begin of October, is a new step of my life. I starting taste it the freedom of single, going or doing whatever places or things follow my own way, own style. I believe each time fall down by impacts, will become more stronger on next time, learning from the past will not repeat happenings hurt my self again.

I live better for the challenges of life.

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