Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quality of life

Since is my new single life, I decided be who am I now. I stopping continues what I did on every weekend in past half years ago. No more hangout around at shopping malls without direction, those activities make my soul feeling empty. No more costly dining every weekend which make me sick about it.

I am a guy love simple life, I do shopping, only have something to buy. I go fancy costly dining, only on some special day for cheer out. Foods for me can be very sample and easy, what I put in my mouth no matter how expensive is, the final results before flushing is still a piece of shit.

Some people thought if wanted be apart of "big city citizen", must make their self living in stylish with those activities I mention and acting look like born in concrete jungle. For them that's call quality of life which will improve the motivation of their career or future financing, means spending more than will find a way to learning more.

What I seem from this group of people, they do have sound like quality of life, but with negative saving in account plus lot of credit card bills. I have difference view on it, living in stylish for me is spending what is needed, not over the learning limit. Quality of life for me is build from mind and soul, not from the foods and clothes.

I born in big city, but I like escape from concrete jungle sometime, away from stress and depression on caught in traffic jams, crowd of shoppers in the malls, falling in nature green and give my self a piece of peaceful mind. For me, that's call quality of life.

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