Thursday, November 20, 2008

A night at Euphoria

Hunks war begin...

The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia is back. Me and Ms. J get special media invited by New Icon For Him magazine to enjoying the wonderful Sunday night with hottest music, erotic drinks and of course 30 sexy hunks at the city hottest club, Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, Sunway Lagoon Resort.

We been catching by paparazzi

Something I like about Euphoria that the whole dance club is non-smoking area, which never get worries be a "smoking salmon" after few hours enjoying hang out there.

Stage of music

The show begin with question & answer section for hunks, but what a pity is mostly the hunks not really good performing on talking skills. After all, beside showing out their bodies which make them feel proud on the stage, that's nothing can be highlight for it just like those "No Brain" pageant show.

Mostly male guests in the front row...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Karma of life

Recently went out for date watching some movie named as "Coffin", the story is about human being selfish on someone or somethings which lost their moral of life and did it in unfaithful way to get what they want, but the karma of each they being is cycle to their self or someone their love in the life.

I am non-religion guy, but I do believing the karma of life. No matter is in good or bad behavior done to someone, happening on somethings, the wheel of karma will turn it to cycle of uncontrolled rebirth for each being.

After the movie, the stories keep play around my mind. I asking my self did I make something awful which get breaking heart on past relationship? is it a good or bad karma for me? After all, I still have thanks the person I love before emotionally end-up what we had in past six months, I strongly believe it's a good karma for me. Because on that, I totally understand that we are "DIFFERENCE" life style person.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Days go by

Is nearly year-end, I starting my "clearing sales" to clean up some data's in my laptop, cell phone, also my mind...

Those unclosed "hi" friends or even forgotten who am I. Sorry than, you will be out on my MSN list. A goodbye maybe is a good begin get know each other again.

Those inactive person phone numbers. I been wishful that we can chit-chat like what we had last time, but now I should know you already as a stranger for me.

Those person pictures in important folder on my laptop. Thanks for giving me a good memory days that we had together, again, if I can't keep you in my life, will be pointless keeping the pictures.

Those person I been with in past relationships. We are so close like twins, than we break away walk-out each other life like stranger, I know is time you must leave in my mind.