Saturday, December 13, 2008

Budget Christmas

"We wish you a Marry Christmas and the happy new year...." Yes, festival season is coming again, soon later we will pass over to year 2009.

Santa drunk on my party...

But this year holiday season seem not in good mood since economic crisis attacking the world's markets, because on that, I get a email from the boss said this year office will break the rules, no anymore tradition long break holiday like past year. Gosh! meaning that we have to came back after Christmas and might countdown the new year in the office if the work can't finish before that.

Somehow, office Christmas dinner party still go on this year, because of the economic crisis, the roaster turkey become KFC chicken, red wine become beer. Even everything is cutting down the budget, but at least I still get my bonus to enjoyable my topical Christmas holiday with friends at Singapore...

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