Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Ape meets Bathing Ape

After finish my gym workout, I have a few mission to complete. I am walk across the street drop by Pavilion malls Zara's store for my first mission to checkout some shoes which will be in my shopping list. Pity that the Zara's sale is still not yet started, so I decided hold a while for buying it.

Than I cross the street continues my second mission. Recently, British Pounds exchange to Malaysian Ringgit is falling down, from RM6.40 on January drop until today to RM5.35. Since I have a plan to visit my cousin living at London, I think is a good time to starting exchange some Pounds slowly month by month. After compare the rates at all the currency exchange counters around the malls area, finally get a better rate which RM5.43. I spend about RM271 for a little 50 Pounds...Gosh!

My final mission which I need to clear up my books claims for each month. Kinokuniya Bookstore at KLCC will be the best place to visit. I am spending about an hour researching at the store and found my books, the latest Bathing Ape winter collection 2008 free with a BAPE shoulder sling bag. The books have 30 percent discounts during the promotion, if you are the BAPE fans, don't miss out!

The cover and freebie

Can't read Japanese? Don't worry, the picture tells everything

The shoulder bag folding pack in A4 size

Bag with classic BAPE logo. 100% original... :)

Full view of the bag

The military Ape


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The book is cost RM63.60, you will get discount 30% if you buy another item in the store. I just get a 0.90 cents cheap pen to enjoying the discount...:)