Saturday, May 31, 2008

Afternoon tea at Gucci Cafe

Last time if you wanted having pancake with Gucci logo for afternoon tea, people might thought you out of your mind. But now the impossible became possible.

Gucci has bring luxury style from fashion to the foods. They have Gucci Cafe in Ginza Tokyo which features luxury foods that match the image of Gucci's brand and also sells a Gucci signature pancake price tag at RM46.50 (USD14.50)...Godness!

Of course, if you just order a cup Gucci signature Massimo coffee plus pancake, would be cost more than RM72 (USD22.50) on bill for the luxury afternoon tea.

This could be another idea for "poor Gucci fans" like me which be fashionable in a different ways without spending big cash.

Gucci Cafe front entry

Elegant space make you feel more stylish and fashionable

God! Gucci's signature leather which I am wishful to own it

Gucci signature pencake

Massimo coffee kind of small cup, but is plus with.....

.....Gucci signature chocolate and plain water!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Gucci department store in Big Apple city

Gucci, one of my dream brand. had been drop by "regularly" to the only two Gucci stores in this city for my window shopping. Yes, I think I will do "real shopping" for their leather good soon...

I guess the space of this two Gucci stores will be about 5000 to 6000-square-foot, compare on others stores in difference countries is much much smaller. But I can't imaging the Gucci store with 46,000-square-foot, sound more like a department store.

Not long ago, Gucci has opening the largest flagship store in the world. The three-floor store is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 56th Street, New York. Damn! I must keep some saving for visit the shoppers heaven, but in the moment, let's go to check out the Gucci Loves NY website and take the virtual tour to find out the luxurious style in New York.

World most largest Gucci flagship store

Oops! I get lost in ladies department

Oh god! shoes department

Bags department make me lost control...

We love Gucci, Gucci love New York more...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old Tyme-y Apple Ads

When I was in child, the first English word I am get learning from my teacher at school is "A for Apple", than I knew "Apple" is a fruit name...

Apple computer ad when I was 5 year old

The young man in the ad, now become old folk

While I was study in art college, the first time learning photoshop software skills by using computer call "Apple", than I knew another kind of "Apple" beside fruit...

Later on when I starting my first job, "Apple" computer still like "when Adam meet Apple" very extensive for small companies that time, than I knew Apple is luxury item, hard for me to own it...

After many years, "Rainbow Apple" become new "Black Apple" named as Mac, Mac is getting affordable for design industries. than I knew I will use Mac without sharing with another designers...

Another few 70s Apple computer ads

Oldies done their study project by Apple which better that my school time during 80s!!

The Apple II, upgrade it version in 70s

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

man underwear evolution

Now day living in "sex in the city" life, not only women will get worry about less attraction because body not in the perfect shape, but some of my metrosexual male friends has comments said sometime they worries like what womens do.

Because on that, women have "magic bra" to fixing the "losing part" of bodies, but for man didn't mean is none for them. Recently market has come out horrific men's underwear with Flashback Butt-Lifting and Contouring Technology design by Andrew Christian, which can fixing man's "losing part".

Thanks for Ricky Matin, women now who's live in "sex and the city" know what to focus on part of men bodies like what man did on women. That's why man need put something on the butt to look more "bubble".

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meet the DIY Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes handbags is one of "surprisingly extensive" in the fashion world, the tales of waiting lists and knockoffs could fill the brand's entire boutique. But still, rich people feel proud by their self spending big cash, line up in the list for the handbags, specially the Birkin bag cost you waiting about 6 months or even more.

Well, lots of people crazy about the Hermes handbag, but not everyone can afford to own it. Hermas has responded in kind: meet the DIY Kelly bag! Now you don't need to envy people who's had the bag, you can downloading the Kelly bag template from the Hermes website and primed for your paintbrush without line up in waiting list. Enjoy it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

BBQ Chicken in Korean style

Since the last visit for friend shop opening, this is my second time drop by at Niu Ze Xui (NZX), the largest covered boulevard in city. On the first visit, the place still not really occupy, but this time, NZX is getting more happening on foods.

During shop around, we found this shop named "BBQ Chicken" with slogan "Korea's No. 1 chicken restaurant", sound interesting to try on the foods.

BBQ Chicken is international franchise in 37 countries, 3500 locations, the main point on the foods is extra healthy which cooking by uses 100% extra virgin olive oil. Well, means that we have to pay "extra" for that, 2 pics of deep fried chicken with mashed potato and salad price in RM12.50, much higher than "KFC", of course eat more healthy.

We wanted even more healthy for our lunch, so we make a order on their BBQ & Ginseng set which call "Jerk BBQ Chicken" and "Ginseng Smoked Chicken". Because is "slow cook food", we have to wait for 15 minutes to get serve the foods even is just us in the shop.

The jerk BBQ chicken is taste a bit strong of Korean style barbecue sauce, giving it a little tinge of spiciness, is a good choice eating with the rice. But the combining taste of ginseng smoked chicken is difference from the jerk BBQ, is more lighter with a bit bitter taste of ginseng. Out of 10, I will give 7 on foods.

Jerk BBQ Chicken

Ginseng Smoked Chicken

Sunday, May 25, 2008

hens night wtih pajama

Friend if mine Wan Yee is getting "lost freedom" on next week, so we have "hens night" at her place before the wedding. We all come out an idea for dress code which wearing pajama and some crazy game ideas play on our mind for Wan Yee's "last freedom night"...

During the party, few invited guests unable showing up by some reasons, but didn't stop the happening of "hen night". We cheer with wine, enjoy the yummy foods by "grandma look" Wan Yee's secret recipes, visit her "wild garden" and gossiping until mid night.

Wan Yee's "Grandma look"...

Wan Yee's "Grandchild"....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Move out, move in

Been talking so much about relocated our office. Finally, we are moving out from the old building with horrible limited car park space. This is my second time moving since working in this company, the first move which is 13 months ago.

Last night at the old office

Now, my new office is located in some new concept office building with huge covered car park, means that I have no worries for park my car like last time. One thing really surprise me that we have swimming pool with jacuzzi attached on top of our office, plus the sauna and steam room facilities. But I still feel not comfortable to use it, specially stripped with "some people" from office in sauna or steam room.

New office with nice night view... the "private pool" on the top of office

Anythings that I will miss for the old office place? Yes, I do miss the dirty street foods and cheap, yummy foods in Old Town, miss the distance from my place to old office too, because now I need pay more for the foods and gas... God save! hope my boss will understand and take action for something.

My first lunch at the new office. Sigh! no more comfortable price...

Friday, May 23, 2008


Plaese slow down your step and feel the arrive of summer. An creative sun awareness campaign for St Tropez's by hiring models in bikini posing in the middle of St Pancras International station at London, to promote Europe's Sun Awareness Week.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrity fashion secrets

While I am crazy about the super brand and standing in front of display window keep "eye hunting" for luxury items that I can't afford. Than in my mind will keep playing the questions...Why I am not born in rich family? Why I am can't get what I want like celebrities?...

Celebrities can buy and borrow from the most exclusive labels and the most expensive designer names, and are given more clothes than they know what to do with - but which fashion items do they really love?

The retro Ray-Ban Wayfarer was given a new lease of life last year. Kate Moss, Naomi Watts and Sarah Harding have all been spotted sporting a pair - in pristine white - this spring. Ray-Ban Wayfarers in white is cost RM840. (USD258)

So many It-Bags, so little time. no wonder celebrities are seldom seen with the same bag twice. But Anya Hindmarch's Cooper Bag breaks the rules; Naomi Watts has rarely been seen recently without the roomy, pale-leather tote on her arm. Anya Hindmarch Cooper Bag. RM4725 (USD1453)

Celebrities in their droves, from Naomi Campbell and Joss Stone to Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley, have fallen for ToyWatch, the affordable Italian brand described as 'Rolex meets Swatch'. Oprah Winfrey named it one of her favourite things: 'I loved mine so much, I wore it just about every day on my big road trip.' Toywatch from RM840. (USD258)

From its timeless 2.55 quilted bag to its pearl necklaces, Chanel creates fabulous accessories. Right now its ballet flats are hot property. Alexa Chung has added another two-tone pair to her summer wish list, while Lily Allen wears hers with jeans or flirty dresses. Chanel ballet pump from RM1610 (USD498)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pasta pasta (season two)

Pork ham tomato pizza

Scallop & asparagus pasta

Tiramisu ice cream

With the 100% RETURN voucher, once again we arrive PASTA de GOHAN for second time. The restaurant still full house not available for walk-in, but we able get the table in 5 minutes.

This time, we wanted to trying some difference food from the last visit, so we decided order "pork ham tomato pizza" for started, "scallop & asparagus pasta" and "oyster and bacon carbonara" with special wafu sauce for main course, ending with "tiramisu ice cream" for dessert.

The foods make both of us enjoy it the delicious moments, but the "pork ham tomato pizza" still not our favorite. PASTA de GOHAN, will be one of paste place in our list.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David for Dolce & Gabbana

David Beckham has collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana closely in the past few years, people all thought that he will be the the icons of Dolce & Gabbana. But surprise, David Beckham eventually sign with Emporio Armani shoot for the 2008 underwear ad campaign.

"DAVID" Dolce & Gabbana underwear ad campaign

Its is bad news for Dolce & Gabbana which had planning put David Beckham to thier underwear ad campaign too. By no another choice, Dolce & Gabbana pick a model collaborated with famous photographer Mariano Vivanco came out a new campaign named as "DAVID".

David in D&G's fashion show

Yes, the new model in the latest Dolce & Gabbana underwear ad surprise that name is David as well, but family name is Gandy. he born in 1980 in Billericay, Essex, is a British model of Scottish descent. The 6 foot 2 hunk is started modeling in 2001 for London agency Select, and featured prominently in D&G's 2006 campaigns.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dream dream bag

My dream bag

Women's dream bag

Envy over the latest "birkin" or "Kelly" bag by Hermes, but unaffordable to owning one? Help is at hand: rent the bag online.

Thanks to strong word-of-mouth and a healthy Internet buzz, now you can rent your dream bag by clicking "Bag Borrow or Steal" get offering thousands of brand handbags from brands such as Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint-Laurent, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Chanel and more, each for rent by the week or the month, with an option to buy.

A Bottega Veneta number in woven leather costs 90 dollars per week or 229 dollars per month, for non-members — members receive a 30 percent discount.

Looking to make a more glamorous statement? A crocodile skin "Kelly" bag — named after the legendary actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly — by fashion pioneer Hermes will set non-members back a whopping 500 dollars per week.

So, instead of pulling a big cash buying brand bag, a much stronger value proposition is a rental for owning a week or a month than change to another luxury brand bag with comfortable price.

Well, lucky for American. I wishful someday the luxury bag rental service will get it in to this city, so I get owning my Bottega Veneta dream bag for a while by paying a litter cash.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Letter to the Queen

To my Queen,
Your highness. I know you been so hard act be like Queen Anna Wintour, but please think deep what you play on your mind, you just one of the queen in the million sitting on the kingdoms chair. It is a difference between you and Queen Anna Wintour that she rules the world of fashion, but fashions control you, its you what have in your kingdom now.

While peoples work with Queen Anna Wintour hate it so much on her, with her smart brain, she still strong sitting on top of fashion world. People still agree on her professional view on design and fashion senses. If you wanted act like Queen Anna Wintour, please showing your professional way on it. Sometime, diamond is expensive and in high level of the list, but not really perfect matching to all the things.

I wishful that you optionally listen my bitching and be professional next time.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Giorgio Armani attack Queen Anna Wintour

Queen Anna Wintour and Giorgio Armani

The fashion industry is totally filled with bitches and divas. Do you know Anna Wintour? I sure you know her very well if you are "fashion species", but if you are beyond the fashion world and really no idea who is she, please watching again "The Devil wears Prada". Yes, thanks for Lauren Weisberger sharing her stories with us about working with Anna Wintour in Vogue magazine.

Is Anna Wintour really bitch like devil? She did warning fashion designers and actors that any involvement in the "The Devil wears Prada" movie will make them invisible in the eyes of Vogue. Means that she really do bitchiest thing sometime like what Lauren Weisberger wrote in her book.

Well, not all the designer will "affair" her power. After Valentino Garavani showing on the movie. Another Italian designer Giorgio Armani set fashion tongues wagging after he criticised the industry's reigning queen Anna Wintour during the press conference on Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, a forthcoming exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. He mentioned a comment Wintour said "the Armani era is over". "I was told she said that, I hope that she didn't," he said.

Giorgio Armani then referred to a difference in taste, saying that "what she thinks is a beautiful dress, maybe I don't think is a beautiful dress" and touched on what he perceives as her bias towards American and French fashion designers over Italians.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My "poor" weekend

Weekend is coming, but is in middle of month. My budget for this month almost is getting bottom, damn! Oh man, I have to wait for another week get my pay.

I guess you will have a same situation as what I had now. Living in city is much more spending to other down town, specially hang out with friends or lover during the weekend.

I have my plan for spending my "poor" weekend before the pay day, here the detail of my plan:

Pull out all the high limit credit card and lock in drawer, just in case I can't stop my self buying somethings.

No more shopping except window shopping. Big mall like Pavillion KL, One Utama or Mid Valley Mega mall will give me a comfortable place killing my free time.

Visiting my favorite shop and enjoy my self trying all the dress in store. I love shop at Zara, Topshop and Pull and Bear, but the budget not allow me shop what I want do, so I will get try on first the loving dress and get it after the pay day.

Wong Kok at Pavillion KL


...and after, I had this for my lunch

No more fancy restaurant, bite only at good value store with nice place. First choice for me is Wong Kok Char Chan Teng restaurant at Pavillion. The shop basically serve Hong Kong style foods, some of the food are nice and place with fine decoration specially the view of KLCC during the nigh time, is really good value for my money.

After done all the "activities", to ending up my weekend, I will go for movie which use my credit card privileges for buy one ticket get one free promotion, enjoying my self for two hours in fantasy world.